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Holly Cow!!! the England midfield is poooooooor!!! Wilshere is fataly missed!!! When you have no such creative player, change your system and park the bus. Welb...
5 years ago
Arsenal players are severely afflicted by COMPLACENCY DISORDER. Good three point though. And it is proved that Ramsey can cover each and every grass of the fie...
6 years ago
You better thank the referees. Arsenal just did a single favor. Look back how many matches did the refrees make you win. Without the refs....
Pathetic referees. Mario should have been sent off for the lunge on Song, not his tackle on Sagna. The FA should import efficient referees from other countries....
Haha Same Old Men United!!!! I wonder how the United fans (not the moron ones) get a pleasure of winning a title with the Help of referees. I would love to see...
The reborn of Roscicsky and the Improvement of Song is incredibly thrilling!!!!! I don't know why Arteta doesn't shoot as often. I am so sorry for Ramsey. I...
SEVEN yellow cards for Ac Milan. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to comprehend what it means. Hope it is not true what they say about soccer fan's IQ. ...
Spuds and Tots, We are very glad that you fly with Emirates this far. Now you have reached to your destination and we are going to DUMP you safely. We are s...
I don't think he is a good defender. He just gets nervous a ball comes to him. God knows how many penalties he gave away
Arsenal should win this game 6-1. RVP should score a couple. I think He doesn't enjoy easy goals any more. For all the running he does, Ramsey is really poor in...
People who claim the standard of English football have deteriorated should get checked their brain. Man United do not represent the quality of the EPL. I will s...
Thrilled!!!!!!!!!! Great fighting sprit. I love the reborn of the Little Mozart in past few games. I was disappointed the way he turned out since l had a huge ...
I hate to see an English side beaten, but Man Utd has only a couple of good players in the team. Had it not been for the help they get from the referees in ...
"what goes around comes around." Arsenasl have been living such misery for long. Play good but lose the game with one long ball. I hate international freindlies...
What a game by Arsenal!!!! It was all ARSENAL. Spuds were just lucky to score two. Arsenal should still learn how to defend. Kudos to Roicisky, Benayuon, ...
When the biased and hater, so called pundit, Hansen applauds an Arsenal player as a legend, this legend must be superbly exceptional. I already miss Henry.
I can't wait to see Titi come and coach at Arsenal. He started with a goal and finished it with a goal. You can't dream for better. Hope the lads in the team ...
I can't really understand why teams have to play such a negative game. I mean a draw is only worth a point. So why don't they go for a three point or lose the g...
Yeah. He even posted Webb's picture on MEN United jersey.
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