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Osman was clearly going for the ball than the man. And how many out there could easily hurdle over a leg like that?
2 years ago
At 10:23, Rafael Benitez Interim Manager, Chelsea. Will there be someone else coaching Chelsea in 2013? Probably.
@ Segaron, Arlo White, the commentator for Sounders FC is great. He used to do games for the BBC.
3 years ago
Thats was very good. do you know the name of the commentator? was it Arlo White?
Really, Spain wont win? I hate them but are they not the favorites?
He had a broken leg in previous game I believe. Something like Aaron Ramsey or Valencia; it looked brutal.
When i see dives taking place, i think about what would a typical PBR drinking american think about this pussy s**t compared to the gridiron of the NFL. Then i...
This is not the exact same thing, but i guess that he started by signing Lehmen
4 years ago
It appeared that arsenal could not finish. maybe it has something to do with van der sar.
The Bundesliga has already secured the 4 spots from italy with the europa and champions league performances from the past week
Congratulations on getting angry for friendly
Bayern beat man u last year in a comeback...
I really dont like the man u hype, and i find their fans to be annoying. However, this was a solid win. Too bad Blackpool got tired. The game may have of bee...
17 year old, goal of the week like a hollywood movie
Man u should take a chill pill before you burst a blood vessel. what are you so butt hurt about. after watching this highlight not the entire match, van der v...
The epitome of the beautiful game has just been laid out before our eyes. Simplicity, team work, and solid ball touches... a recipe for a gay love fest or the ...
I have always thought of la liga as a two horse race which it is, but between places 6 and 18 is only a seperation of 10 points. But... it is still a two horse...
I believe it was an american feed for an american audience. that may have something to do with it.
I agree, dont call me Surely
The bundesliga is much more competitive than any league in Europe. So sometimes Chelsea or the big four may loose a game, but the so called best team in german...
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