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And there it is boys. Top four secured after an absolutely garbage last couple months. COYS!
1 week ago
Alderweireld is gone for sure. Eriksen is likely going to leave as well. He doesn't seem as committed as some of the other players we have. Also rumours of Mous...
3 weeks ago
Bye Bye Eriksen :/
Nothing for sure yet. Our lead on Chelsea is a measly two points at this moment and there's still four games to go. We've looked terrible this last month.
Clearly brought Kane back too early. He hasn't looked ready in any of the games this month.
1 month ago
Yea North, Vertonghen has been so good this season and he was at his best yesterday. Love watching him play.
In this market, 50M for a player like Sterling is definitely good value. I mean just look how much Dembele and Coutinho went for (and yea that's close to what S...
Jamesutd, De Gea wasn't nearly as good as he is now in his first few seasons. I don't think it's "an insult" to compare Lloris to him. Lloris is quite a good sh...
It was so tight I don't think anyone can blame the ref for giving it. Not to mention it might've even been a red. And also City deserved to be 2-0 up at that po...
He is so goddamn fast though. Drogbalampard's right, most of those clear cut chances today don't even happen without Sterling there.
I don't think anyone has compared Lloris to DDG this season. This is definitely Lloris's worst season since arriving in England. DDG is clearly the better keepe...
City are so good. The pace along their front line is ridiculous.
If that was true he'd have 65 goals this season lol
That's Harry's repayment for the goal last week.
"It's the history of "
Damn, they gonna kill us next week now.
I wonder if Chiellini has anything to say about his team's mentality.
If someone really offers 150M for Alli I think you have to take that deal.
Dude you are just playing dumb again. So I can't call your fanbase pathetic? It's not for no reason bro, your fans have been acting like 12 year olds since our...
2 months ago
Dude you were the one playing dumb and instigating. Let me remind you that this is our page and you made the decision to come here and be argumentative. I thin...
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