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Dude you are just playing dumb again. So I can't call your fanbase pathetic? It's not for no reason bro, your fans have been acting like 12 year olds since our...
1 week ago
Dude you were the one playing dumb and instigating. Let me remind you that this is our page and you made the decision to come here and be argumentative. I thin...
Still a long way to go to secure a return to the Champions League next season. Let's hope the team recover quickly from this.
Spot on. It was a great two matches and had we been just a tiny bit more efficient with our chances, we would be going through to the next round. We were unfo...
Exactly, these are the kind of games that we live for as supporters of the team.
Yea for sure the experience is not there from this team right now, or the coach. Allegri's changes had immediate impact and we were not able to respond. It was...
Can't argue with that but it could've easily turned out differently. They were marginally better over the two legs.
Very few Spurs fans will tell you that our players don't dive. We don't condone that kind of behavior. But instead of bringing up any legit instance of diving...
This one really hurt, but you can't say that Juventus don't deserve to go through. They were clinical with their chances and resolute in their defense. It was...
I can't believe how petty Liverpool fans are. The true irony is how sanctimonious they get when someone like Suarez played for their team and they backed him al...
Didn't get a clear view during the game but Kongolo literally dragged Son to the ground with his arms in the second half haha Can't believe the ref didn't spot ...
2 weeks ago
Probably Lucas starts over Son?
They should literally just use it for offside calls and offside calls only.
Two of the most obvious penalties you will see all year and neither given for us. Unbelievable. Should've won by a much larger margin today. Great result still.
3 weeks ago
Hopefully we can get a somewhat decent fee from it. Don't know who we will be able to get to replace him though...
Wow really shows how good Greaves was.
Toby was terrible all game. So was Wanyama. Rose wasn't so good either. Lots of misplaced passes, poor defensive decisions. First goal was due to Winks being a...
4 weeks ago
Is it a rivalry you guys want? Based on the overreaction of your fanbase as a whole to our match a couple weeks ago, I could've sworn you guys all just wanted t...
1 month ago
LOL can you read? I just said I'm mentioning it as a comparison to this incident. Liverpool fans all said that one wasn't a penalty and now you are saying this ...
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