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I've supported Spurs since I was a kid. I'm not sure why I started to support the team but they're the first team that I remember seeing on the TV and after watching them, I started cheering for them. Wasn't long before my blood turned lilywhite. The Spurs play an open, exciting style of football and can generate some of the most beautiful play you will see in the game. I think Harry exaggerated when he said that the 2010/11 season was our best so far as I think we did better the year before, but there is no doubt that this is a good time to be a Spurs fan.
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@Deffyduck, if you lose balance while running, you don't land perfectly on your knees like Lampard did. Clear dive.
1 day ago
Harry really deserves a chance now by the way. Can't believe he hasn't been given a start yet in the league especially given how average Adebayor has been.
1 week ago
But then we'd have to get another young right back as back-up.
Wow how the hell did this happen? And only 6.5M? That's an absolute steal for them. What a shame.
Just needs to eliminate those major mistakes from his game and he'll be amazing.
I'm most likely going to miss the City game. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
Better finishing would've got us the win last week as well, we had so many great chances in the first half of that match, should've gone in at halftime at the V...
2 weeks ago
Deserved win I think. Decent performance all around. What the hell happened to Everton?
Unlucky at a crucial moment :/
Fukking Chiriches. Lloris should strangle your clumsy ass, fuking unbelievable. League one defending by a league one level player. Fukcing sell him.
Fair enough.
3 weeks ago
Hear hear.
Mods removing perfectly acceptable comments once again. Can you stop pulling this bs I'm sick of it. Just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean you shoul...
It's too late for a pro football career, you can definitely still play for an amateur club and who knows, if you're really good you might be able to play semi-...
Liquidator said Spurs are a joke of a club for choosing a captain that might not play every game. I said that that is not something that is necessary to be a go...
@Dougie27, agreed, I noticed that too. I actually was waiting for the whistle when I first saw it as I was sure it had gone in. Looking at the replays though, o...
Well I guess you are right; humans and chimps are cousins in a genetic sense. Big difference in intelligence though.
@Liquidator, I'm trying to have a reasonable discussion here and all you do is have cheap digs at my team. And you guys question why not many neutrals like Chel...
@LGW, I think Gomes at his absolute best (in the season we were in the CL) might've produced a similar performance, but Lloris has been amazing for years now.
I actually think Flamini is to blame for the goal, terrible first touch on the ball and coughed it up really easily.
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