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I've supported Spurs since I was a kid. I'm not sure why I started to support the team but they're the first team that I remember seeing on the TV and after watching them, I started cheering for them. Wasn't long before my blood turned lilywhite. The Spurs play an open, exciting style of football and can generate some of the most beautiful play you will see in the game. I think Harry exaggerated when he said that the 2010/11 season was our best so far as I think we did better the year before, but there is no doubt that this is a good time to be a Spurs fan.
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He needs to stop kicking it in the bottom left corner. Goalkeepers will figure that out.
3 days ago
4 days ago
Ya not saying Vert wasn't at fault, but a competent ref sees that for sure, it's not even that tight. @AndyCT5, he clearly wasn't focused during the match toda...
1 week ago
@Shaymoose17, Bradley plays for TFC and they've signed both Altidore and Giovinco. I think the quality in that league is noticeably improving.
Http:// Shows Defoe offside for the free kick that gave the equalizer. Vertonghen and Dier are standing within the same dark patch of grass a...
Well Panty was not in goal so Jan would've been offside but only if he HAD BEEN IN THE OPPOSITION HALF.
There is no reason to get that call wrong. The halfway line is RIGHT f*****g THERE. And Jan is miles behind that line as the pass is coming in. How can an adult...
Bit weird seeing JD in a Sunderland shirt.
Terrible decisions throughout the game. Shameful performance from the ref. At least we still got our deserved points.
One of the worst decisions I've ever seen. The same linesman didn't notice Defoe was clearly offside before he won the FK to give Sunderland the equalizer. I'm ...
Should never be a linesman ever again. If I was that terrible at my job I'd be fired on the spot and ridiculed.
One of the worst offside calls I've ever seen in my life. How are you, as a linesman, not aware of where the halfway line is? Incredible. Either he didn't see...
What a terrible linesman. f**k this guy. Jan was MILES onside.
I thought you couldn't be offside if you're in your own half? Why did Jan's goal get disallowed?
Except he's not asking for free money. He's going to work for it, he just wants to negotiate as good a deal as possible so that he can donate more. He's also go...
If nothing else, he would be an improvement on Kaboul.
Great strike from Capoue. WTF is Kaboul doing?
F**k Campbell. Piece of s**t douchebag pussy.
2 weeks ago
Walker handball was not a handball plus it was 2-3 feet outside the box anyways. Quite clear on replay.
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