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I've supported Spurs since I was a kid. I'm not sure why I started to support the team but they're the first team that I remember seeing on the TV and after watching them, I started cheering for them. Wasn't long before my blood turned lilywhite. The Spurs play an open, exciting style of football and can generate some of the most beautiful play you will see in the game. I think Harry exaggerated when he said that the 2010/11 season was our best so far as I think we did better the year before, but there is no doubt that this is a good time to be a Spurs fan.
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English teams, especially in Europa need to really go for it. After seeing Liverpool take down Dortmund, I'm sure if we went all out over two legs we could've d...
12 hours ago
This is like someone dissing a good solid cheddar because only the finest premium aged camembert or some equally pretentious variety is good enough for their de...
How I understood it is if two teams finishing outside of top 4 each won one of the European competitions, then fourth place would lose the play-off spot. If Li...
1 day ago
@SIF, you underestimate the pettiness of football fans.
2 days ago
@Kgb112, kind of my own fault for visiting this page to be honest. Don't really have an issue with most of what was posted, just got riled up at some of the hyp...
That was hilarious, the dude was so confused at getting pushed. Honestly reminds me of this one:
^ In addition to everything you mentioned, you forgot that before our players did ANYTHING, Fabregas had a kick out at Dembele. Not to mention people are all d...
@Joeymac, thanks man, and ya I have posted a lot after yesterday's match but there's just been so much negativity regarding our season not just here but on othe...
@Zlatan94310, wish we signed him :/
I guess that does happen to us quite often near the end of a season but I don't really think it happened this time. Even if not catching up to Leicester is cons...
Oh man, that would suck. I thought about it hard but I'd rather see Arsenal win it than the Spammers.
^Haha nice one.
@Kayteo, I'm not denying anything. I'm just saying I don't remember that happening and I'm fairly active here. Maybe it did happen, and if it did it was probabl...
@NaijaCareFree, You really would have said Spurs at that point? I have a hard time imagining any fan from a rival team thinking we could win the league. In fac...
When did that even happen? I don't remember seeing that at all. If it did, probably just some gloating after beating you guys 3-0. That kind of thing doesn't ha...
@NaijaCarefree, can't believe you guys can still talk smack after putting in one of the most pathetic title defenses in the history of football haha We've won ...
3 days ago
Dembele and Vertonghen are best friends so the only explanation I can think of was he got angry at the tussles between Jan and Diego that were happening.
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