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4 years ago
I think fair is fair.
6 years ago
That's why Montenegro got a draw otherwise they would have won. My comment only came because MaximOrlov's comment was provocative. I admit that Portugal's defen...
Montenegro scored 2???
Grow up kid!! It doesn't matter what I will show you you will always have an excuse. Go and read the transcripts of the conversation. You have been brainwashed ...
Ok, if you want an example here it is and I hope you can read Portuguese as I'm cutting and pasting from news sites: O presidente da comissão de arbitragem fo...
@Footyfan122011: I have to agree with you in the "not having time for this" bit - I surely haven't! So I'm going to be short and to the point. There are many ma...
@Footyfa102011 You've made my day!! What a magnificent rant you've created. To see a benfiquista spurting bullshit the way you do due to being a sore loser is s...
Lol I think i remember Bradford City winning the Champions League and Intercontinental Cup twice - oh no! wait! it was Porto who did it : P
7 years ago
Wow!! What a massacre! I was just a bit desapointed on the golf balls incident. The chiken on the field was really funny though. Well done Porto - always giving...
Hey Farrusco, if you continue like that you might even change the opinion that i have of Benfica fans!!! Well done and thank you! You're a gentleman and true fo...
3-1 magic number. Even against 10, no chance. Proud to be born in Cita Invicta. Lucky really. Could have been born anywhere else but still wouldn't change it...
. .. independentemente da rivalidade entre os dois clubes que apoiamos , em primeiro lugar devera vir sempre o orgulho plo futebol nacional seja este transporta...
Voces devem ser os unicos Benfiquistas que nao sao doentes. Obrigado!
You're right, what a match! The visiting team was Braga though, not Benfica. Braga at the moment is one team in very good form as Sevilla can confirm.
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