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Hahahahha LOL Classic move! I bet he speaks Korean just as Jim Carrey in "Yes Man" LOL
7 years ago
Yes..! Stepped! With a Capital "S" That is! Holland fully deserved the win over an arrogant Brazil side!
All those Contenders carry a huge pile of pressure with them.. Just Because they have a talented team.. The fans expect them to win the cup. I think the support...
Yes indeed.. You barely feel the emotion that comes off him.. So natural.. So creepy.. But an outstanding vid
Somewhere on FootyTube
What a pathetic scene.. I saw them on my laptop.. I was streaming it live when they where interviewed before the kick off.. Plenty of Dutch finest with nice ski...
I disagree.. We should be very very happy with our team performance..! At first..: We won the game At second: With a reasonable score.. At third: Without to...
Hell yeah..! "Slayer of Giants" With the last European Cup fresh in mind.. 3 - 0 against Italy 4 - 1 against France 2 - 0 against Romania We should be very ha...
Elia must be basic squad! His creativity and intelligence add so much more to our already well talented squad... And with Arjen joining the frontline shortly....
Good luck Rafa..! Always been a big fan of u..! With Rafa.. Inter will face its 2nd Title challenge in a row..!!
Yeps.. totally right... The 4 - 0 against Australia was not more than logical.. every Contender or top team would have managed a score like that... But I have...
Haha would be awesome eh! But where do u want him to play? We already have Iniesta and Xavi who in the same category as fabregas... and Busquets is in an outst...
Hehe.. Well I would!! Rafa has everything he needs to score! And besides Vela, Blanco and maybe Giovanni dos Santos.. There are little peeps that can put it aw...
Well.. Don't underestimate them.. Les Bleus are well known as "Slow starters".. They have a big reputation still.. Even if they have a horrible preparation... ...
Hehehe yes.. Im from Jakarta actually.. I recognized "Merahputi".. its indonesian hehe... Hehe yes.. Santoso.. Do you play Badminton?? hehe.. Cairo? How come...
I see your cultural background is Indonesian. :) Greetings from Indonesia, but I live in cairo. I like your name "santoso"... hheheheehe...
What a match..!! I watched it here in Vancouver around 7am (pacific time).. Thats a nice way to wake up!! That goalie.. Outstanding..!! Its always a delight wh...
Ah leuk man!! Ja van Persie word topscorer.. Robben word het niet.. Omdat hij gewoonweg niet zoveel fit zal zijn hehe.... Damn.. Kan niet wachten..! Ik moet vro...
Hey! Ja, ik ben idd van België en ben zelf Nederlands langs m'n moeders zijde, dus uiteraard zal ik met een oranje hart TV kijken de komende maand. Ik hoop dat...
Your right mate.. Luck is the only thing that will bring England that far....
@ Amicodinessuno Shh.. Italy wont even make it through the group stage if you asked me.. Every site.. Every channel has its own "professionals" and its o...
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