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Leverkusen was a little bit better:O
6 years ago
I watched this one. it was thrilling. i knew BVB would lose and i was so damn right
Leverkusen is 'a little bayern'; both demostrate efficient football, congrats!
Beautiful combinations by the Germans, isn't it? that's the proof of high quality, guys! To those who always insist on a biased stinking conclusion that the Ger...
No doubt
Anyway, we won them and we enjoyed the victory over the dutch while we deserved it.
Danke Fiasc0. Bruder!
Good plays all use both feet. as Gomez scored 2 goals recently in national team with a left-foot strike.
Then we will beat them again. Hollan is simply overstained to cope with the current Germany
Germany don't give a f**k who to play in the group
It's not one player or two who can decide a game, it's the team, the offensive and defensive quality and the combinations they come up with.
You spanish dickwads will have to wake up to the nightmare of being slammed by euro teams one after another led by Germany. you have no idea what football is al...
Look forward to it...
Dude, it's only accessible in Germany. Schade!
Tomorrow Germany will play against Netherland. It will be very entertaining and I strongly believe Germany will win. Germany, England, France, Italy are all str...
No it wasn't, as the German young squad was in a big tournament for the first time and they just made some experiments. Now they are more matured, composed and ...
Germany has not met Spain yet since WC 2010. But once they meet, Germany will beat the crap of Spain, just to revenge.
Well said. Ozil is better than Gotze though.
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