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The Balotelli 45 Jersey is now at the top of my X-mas wish list
6 years ago
We are the new Roma and RVP is our Totti. Bring back Arshavin!
LMAO! Freaking John Terry
Another freakin left volley
7 years ago
I'd be ok with Chelsea winning the league, it will be tough. You have to beat Man U(I know you will)and hope we beat Man U(we will have o get back to you on tha...
World class goalkeeping from both sides
Defensive ineptitude on what 5 of the 6 goals? Looks like 2 crappy teams to me
Gomes used to be good. what happened? Why is Ol' Wengy all mad about these days? I only watch these guys on TV and I know what to expect. Maybe the guys are sho...
We should make him the captain. IMO
Ha! Ramsey's not ready and JET is?
Why do people hate liverpool fans again?
Eboue's still the man, we have been dropping points for a while, Rosicky last min pen at the start of the season, 4-4 newcastle, and on
He wont be playing wing back? Dude your a waste of time
This lil focker needs to stop scoring ASAP
Not sure what all the excitement is about, we threw away the season when we can in 2nd in the CL group. wasn't quite sure at the time. Then the CC final, that a...
Ah my friend Zilch, a kid, months out of high school in japan needs to polish his game? mmmmaybe?. Needs to work on his crosses same as sagna and clichy, our wi...
What's it called when you do the same things over and over, and make no changes, yet expect a different result?
He can cross with both feet + We are in crucial need of a player or two that can run at and beat at defenders on the wings (Arshavin is the only one I think can...
How much would you have his clause be if you were running things out there
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