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I guess with barca out of CL - Messi's chance of winning the FIFA player of the year award is gone even though he scored like 60+ goals this season ... Ronaldo ...
6 years ago
Wow .. what a game... and I am happy this time Chelsea won... and i hated the way Alexis reacted ... i mean at first he looked fine as he was appealling, but ...
What does this mean for the FIFA World Player of the Year title .. Ronaldo almost has a La Liga title .. which means Messi must have a Champions League title to...
Can this season be any better? .... One big team will NOT qualify for the champions league ... For City / Utd, the season will be branded as failure if they do ...
@Mt1234 - 'Get some principles' - really?? at times you have to understand why these players go down easily ... to avoid any career threatning tackles .. gareth...
Ronaldo - 27 & Messi - 23 ... and both of them are not out-and-out center forward ....just incredible!!!
I am starting to dislike Pepe and Busquets for play-acting... Is it difficult/possible for football association to punish if found guilty of play-acting??? ... ...
What a day for away team... all 4 away team have won so far :)
All I am trying to say is tottemham and city have broken the shackle of so called top 4 which is now top 6 .. but only 4 champions league spot... which makes pr...
Who would have thought someday Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea will battle against each other for 4th Champions League spot (assuming Tottenham will continue the...
Alves is playing a Pedro-like role .. amazing
Yeah .. Smalling seems to be a nice guy .. playing at right back will help him to coordinate with right back when he plays in center .. but it seems SAF n Capel...
Good to see Arsenal finally bought some good experienced players .. cant to wait to see utd v arsenal again .. for some reason match against arsenal is more fas...
May be blackpool's adventure is over :((
7 years ago
Man what a day .. wigan and birmingham scored .. wolves are just one goal away from going down .. what a day seriously ... I am glad we sealed the title a wee...
For some reason i want blackpool to stay up .. may be because of their attractive football and entertaining interviews from Ian Holloway :)
What a save!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Cross was good .. no doubt .. had alonso stayed with Messi, scoring that would have been difficult .. I am more nervous abt barca players "trying" to get our ...
For once ronaldo was not involved in cheating/diving fiasco .. lol!! cant wait to see Man utd v barcelona final .. i am kind-of nervous bcoz of the way barca do...
I seriously wish that spurs finish in top 4 this season .. this team has so much to offer .. which i believe man city cannot coz they are so defensive .. go spu...
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