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and Canada
Arsenal and
I support Arsenal and love to watch their matches.
Cpatel8810 (Chintan P.) from Austin, USA
DaniPak (Danil) from Vancouver, Canada
Dougie27 (Dougie) Canada
I started watching Arsenal as a really young kid and couldn't stop, I just felt a special connection with the players, the club, and most of all those fans that would later become ...
Drarvindr (Arvind)
Goooner04 (Christopher Linton)
Groundup (Blaze) from Chicago, USA
Gunnerous (Cire Ithamik)
Gunners4mylifeh (Jon Manoj) from Dallas, USA
Not rude at all. Just stating my opinion
Handsofstone (John L.) USA
Saw dennis bergkamp play and became infatuated with the game...and arsenal along with that, Usa football(soccer) is very close to my heart, it is a huge chunk of my childhood and y ...
Hill (Andrew) from St. Paul, USA
I'm from Minnesota. I'm living in Colorado though. I have no idea why.
Illman (Illman)
Arsenal and
I've been mad for football since I was a kid. I played every single day. walls in my room were filled with posters of footballers from guti to klinsmann. I have started seriously f ...
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