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Sir Alex Ferguson - what a legend. Love him or hate him - he is the master of United's success for these number of years. Pleasure to watch such a great man. ...
@Achiox That happens, leading by 15 points might have made them to take the game with lesser intensity. Could have been different if the point gap is smaller. ...
5 years ago
What a goal from Aguero, running through the defence like apiece of cake. Offbalance but finishes off beautifully. Still dont get it why United defenders didn...
From my view, doesnt look like interference from City players? It was deflected by United players.
4 successive wins and Brendan Rodgers changed the line up to accommodate his golden boy Allen? I've been supportive of BR but disappointed with this tactic. Ne...
Man, i love those days when Deportivo was challenging for La Liga crown... hope those days will be back... good for La Liga to have more teams competing for it ...
Good to hear that from a fellow rival fan. Chelsea looks rejuvenated since the FA cup match against Man Utd. All in all, game on for last 2 spots of top 4 amon...
Over confidence ... and arrogance of MU fans !
I noticed that too
What you expect people to say dude? That torres was immense? or Lampard was immense? Credit where it's due. Mikel was the main reason Chelsea able to go forwar...
@Dpfka0821 Really? Like you guys didnt say the same thing before the match against Chelsea?
Mikel was immense
Again you see, while I made a good comment on United's performance, you are asking me to rot with my team? Dude seriously? Is this how you respond? Then you bla...
I feel like Mourinho is making a move for United job in coming years. You dont see Mourinho making such comments often - especially against main rivals. But ag...
I agree, not sure why Nani was holding his abdomen as if he was the one got kicked - obviously it just gonna make ref to be more suspicious. Anyway, good game ...
This @Realmadridsuks guy registered himself on 6th March 2013. Higher chances that he is a troll. Btw dude, so many Liverpool fans are agreeing that ref's deci...
What was more surprising was to see Rooney walking off without protesting
A good game overall with top quality finishing by both teams, especially the last 20 minutes or so. Would have loved to see 11 vs 11 for full 90 minutes for an...
I agree with the #2. It was unintentional as well to me until I noticed he pushes Arbeloa with the foot while both of them colliding. Not sure which one the re...
Thoroughly deserved Swansea, cant believe Bradford didnt attack at all in the first half :/
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