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4 years ago
Wow, Arsenal's defence was impeccable, simply faultless. The highlights didn't show how much control Arsenal had in their half.
Man, it's a delight watching Torres playing like his old self. Always a treat, hope he keeps his form, it's time for him to be back.
Where's Coutinho ?
It's getting old. Other players does the same s**t. But Suarez, you can't deny he is still one hell of a striker.
5 years ago
Sick sick shot by Theo !! Seems like Giroud is getting his Ligue 1 form.
Meth is one hell of a drug..
Wow.. Collins didn't even acknowledge those great crosses from Joe..
It's great to see Torres emerging back to his old self, happy for him, I hope he can keep his confidence !
Naah, Arsenal fans aren't that desperate, I believe.
Gotta be honest, Chelsea didn't deserve this scoreline, there was bad calls by the refs, such a shame on such high level of football.
It seems more like you're on crack..
LMFAO @ Mt1234's comment...
Gravitational pull of the moon ??
Wow that was an amazing Henryesque goal by Walcott. Hope he stays put in Arsenal next year.
Lol, Newcastle players could have a blindfold and still score a goal. Their chemistry is just amazing !
6 years ago
Says the fan of a team graduated mostly from A+ Students in Drama Class ?
Hahahahhhh great one mate
Its not a word, its a name, and its not even one... lol
Yeah we were so lucky, this week's refereeing is just so horrible, and we're on the lucky side. I just hope this doesn't become a habit for Young.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Holy s**t i never realized song started as a centre back.
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