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BT Sport are running this as an advert now lol
6 hours ago
On the basis of the evidence, it seems that Eva was the one coaching the squad.
F**k that. Enjoy the moment. The relegation battle is heating up. Can Mou beat the drop? Haha.
Crisis club hahaha The blues be feeling blue.
Mourinho has just pulled a Kevin Keegan. What a plonker. Funniest meltdown, as the 'special one' blames everyone and everything. If Chelsea deserved a pen, sure...
10 hours ago
Giggs is next in line mate. Seems an almost certainty now. All signs, all messages suggest he is being groomed by LVG and will take over. And possession footba...
3 days ago
To be fair, he was asked the question. What's he supposed to say? 'No, it's not realistic'? If he said that, everyone would be chastising him for it. Non-story...
4 days ago
Haha Brilliant The one where David Attenborough Meets Arsenal is also funny :
Except for typical ABU stuff, passed as non-bias punditry.
5 days ago
F*****g pundits. Any other side is top, "they deserve to be there". We go top, the response is almost as though we don't deserve it. "United have been poor" as ...
6 days ago
Stoke's style has changed, but it still works in the sense of the weather. Stoke is awful. Cold, wet and windy most of the time. There are times when you can't...
1 week ago
2 more days until release here. Very excited. Going to take the day off to play it. Loving the sound of the additions to CM this year, among other general chang...
Nice post. I enjoyed reading and studying your breakdown of the goal.
Ronaldo was in and out of the tesm when he was first breaking through at the club. He was developed the right way, given time and patience. Young players ofte...
I love how the pundits are now purring over Mata's goal: '44-45 passes, my god! What football!' And yet any other week it's the same people saying, 'too many pa...
Agreed. Basti is world class. He has such a presence in midfield, it's a joy to watch. I mean it: an absolute joy. One other comment though. It has undoubtedly...
44 passes for Mata's goal: Football.
@TCC You don't like the idea of Giggs - a United lad all his life - being groomed for the manager's job? LVG has taught the best. Why not Giggs, if he continue...
I have a sneaking suspicion that we might experience some minor success under LVG, but I think it's the case that his reign also has to be judged a couple years...
Not sure if anyone noted LVG's comments yesterday? He basically said he's not going to extend his contract, keeping his promise to his wife. This means he'll li...
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