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"how exactly do you understand this to be a major reason?" 'Cause LVG got big balls. He who haveth big balls, those follow. I believe that is an ancient prover...
17 hours ago
Haha. Imagine if he f*&3&$£ off too? I think LVG said a week ago, when Rojo was supposed to fly out, that he was having "passport issues". Haven't really heard...
21 hours ago
1 day ago
2 days ago
I think it's fair to say that it is Wazza's year. If he doesn't hit 20-25 goal mark, then I think there will be changes next summer. He's wanted to play as the ...
Yes, but what has he complained about for a year now? .. A lack of balance. I don't see him bringing in a right-footed player to play LCB. It's well documented ...
3 days ago
Otamendi is right-footed. Don't we need a left-footed CB? Is that not why Blind is playing LCB? Unless Ota can play with his left, how does that transfer make s...
4-3-3 with two holding mids. For example: _______Back 4_______ ______CDM--CDM_______ ________Depay_______ _LW_____Wazza_____RW_ This is how it looks to me. W...
4 days ago
I can't see any truth in Otamendi rumours. If LVG wants a left-footed LCB - even to the point of playing Blind there in the absence of Rojo - Otamendi makes no ...
5 days ago
This is what I was saying the other day, SIF. I understand he wants a left-footed LCB, but surely Jones-Smalling would be better pairing than playing Blind ou...
Yeah, I am also looking forward to watching how Norwich's season unfolds. Great city, indeed! It's going to be a very, very tight race between the promoted sid...
6 days ago
Wouldn't be surprised if Schneiderlin is our most consistent player. If he settles in and finds form early, the quality around him could make it easy, and he co...
Then you've not looked hard enough at how many youth we currently have in the first team, and how many debuts have been given in the past 2 years? lol Wenger i...
Thinking Smalling - Jones?
1 week ago
With Blind starting all three pre-season matches at the back, it could very well be that Otamendi isn't coming and, instead, Blind will play CB against Spurs. C...
Don't know why, but I found myself reading this over my tea. What a season - probably one of the most memorable title races in the past 20 years? And THAT goal ...
The thing is, anyone can post rubbish. Chances are if you post enough, you'll be 'right' sometimes. But even then, you're not technically 'right'. You're just r...
For a second I thought I made my way to DM or one of the other daily rags.
@Jeroen "City will sign an English player who's really f'in expensive for his actual quality." Sums up Sterling and Delph's con...
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