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Didn't LVG mention Felli in his presser the other day? It sounded like he has plans for him in midfield. I reckon he'll will be given another year, and rightl...
8 hours ago
Crazy. I was almost certain he'd be a United player before the start of the season.
21st Century and this rubbish is still going on.
Quality player. We probably could have signed him if we wanted. Makes me wonder if Di Maria is back on? Surely Griezman was a consideration? Atletico also sign...
Yeah, that was after Clev was sub'd. We had no recognised CM in the last 25 mins or so, which shows how thin we are in that position. But at the start of the s...
2 days ago
DM and CB seem absolutely necessary additions. Hopefully Woodward is working on something.
Nani was playing as part of a front two, no? Leaving a midfield three, in which Kagawa appeared to be the most advanced - the same position Mata played in the f...
I think he was playing as the more advanced of a midfield three. His two appearances so far have been most ordinary. He really needs to step up, especially with...
I think you'll see LVG scale back on subs as we get deeper into preseason. I think it's totally acceptable to make so many subs in the first few preseason games...
3-0 at the half. Not bad. Two beautiful goals, and a nice play to create the pen.
3 days ago
The starting 11 is being subbed after 45. LVG already said this. So I wouldn't read too much into the selection. Only Clev and Blackett are playing the full 90....
Herrera himself said the other day that he can play left, right or as a 10 - and is willing to do whatever for the club - but emphasised that CM is his best pos...
In the series of photos, he looked like he was having loads of fun. Seems like LVG has bounds of energy and enthusiasm - always see photos of him smiling, jokin...
5 days ago
I wasn't convinced Vidal was available and never really believed the rumours. A move is still possible, and I could still be proved wrong. But I've always felt ...
I agree with SIF. I think a CDM would be or is priority. Not to say Vidal isn't a welcome addition, of course ;) I also don't expect us to play 3-4-1-2 every m...
Not bad football. Herrera has looked class - he's had the game in his pocket really. Enjoying the movement and the quick passing. Some really nice runs. This 3...
Not club related, but this is hilarious:
6 days ago
4am kickoff - to get up or not to get up. That is the question.
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