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Sky sources reported this. Mendes has likely been negotiating or, in the least, has been in contact with the club on behalf of Mou. It looks like a verbal agree...
2 months ago
It's not the top sides I am worried about, if I am honest. Our record is generally very good against higher sides. It's the lower sides, such as West Brom away,...
4 months ago
I rather remember Vidic in his prime. Seeing him back and well past it, not for me. Apparently, he's got offers fom MLS. Best move.
6 months ago
Deep inside I really wish he could turn it around. But if it goes bad at OT and the crowd turns - on some level, there's a human element to this. Part of me hop...
7 months ago
Well, I'm back in Manchester for the Chelsea match. I have to say, I feel bad for LVG. In his post-match he looked a broken man, and almost seemed reduced to te...
If they keep this up and finish in top 6, if not top 4, surely Ranieri gets manager of the season and some sort of international recogntion. A wonderful story, ...
^It is funny how that works. Top of the league and things are going well, then the table never lies. Agenda, bias or frustrated with current manager, the table ...
Odds-on Ancelotti will be next manager. What a week it has been!
Wow. Just wow. LVG sacked, according to Sky sources...
To CJ's last point: I think we're 1 point better than this time last season. It's hard to argue, however much one may want to defend LVG, that we've seen progre...
I agree. G. Nev said something similar on the weekend: that we need one or two top class, ruthless goal scorers to complete the rebuild.
Probably one of the most balanced assessments I've read or listened to in the last few months. Refreshing.
LVG has criticised Martial, Shaw and Smalling? I must have missed that... As for asking whether you're being daft: your so called sarcasm was unnecessary, esp...
8 months ago
Hi kettle, the pot is black? If that was sarcasm, it was poor form.
"So i figured we may as well not stop there, but roll back the years with players who brought us so much success in the past, is all." Ha. So you're daft as we...
Ah, your reply makes no sense. Where did I ever allude to bringing back Scholes or anyone else? React much? Seriously. I am not defending Rooney. Nor I am defen...
What's he supposed to say? 'I don't have confidence in Rooney'? That he is going to drop him from the side and rely on two youngster to compete in Europe and in...
^ Why do you say that? On what grounds? You do realize that LVG has benched bigger players than Rooney in his career? Also, if I am not mistaken, Wazza didn't s...
I couldn't agree more, mate. People mock the idea of things being a "process", but nothing could be more true. We forget to remember that the legend himself, ...
Agree with SIF on the point that one of the roots of the problem goes back several years, probably to the departure of Ronaldo and the beginning of the end for ...
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