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2 hours ago
I wasn't convinced Vidal was available and never really believed the rumours. A move is still possible, and I could still be proved wrong. But I've always felt ...
I agree with SIF. I think a CDM would be or is priority. Not to say Vidal isn't a welcome addition, of course ;) I also don't expect us to play 3-4-1-2 every m...
10 hours ago
Not bad football. Herrera has looked class - he's had the game in his pocket really. Enjoying the movement and the quick passing. Some really nice runs. This 3...
19 hours ago
Not club related, but this is hilarious:
4am kickoff - to get up or not to get up. That is the question.
Yeah, I was thinking that too CJ. The positive spirit within the club seems to have returned and it is so great to see. LVG is known to be really good with his ...
4 days ago
Cheers, mate. Recording the match is a good idea, will have to see. Don't want to miss it, seeing how it is LVG's first match in charge.
Wednesday against L.A. Galaxy is what he must mean. Anyone know the time difference between UK and West Coast U.S.? Am I wrong in thinking it is 8 hours? This ...
I suspect these next few weeks will be massive for Nani's career. He's got a chance to impress LVG - perhaps his final chance at the club. I think LVG could pot...
6 days ago
Carrick out for up to 3 months. A thin midfield just got thinner. At least one more signing is needed in this area this summer, with a mind toward at least 1 si...
1 week ago
I don't think it's all emotion, or that one can reduce it to that. But we're basically saying the same thing. You've said another 2-3 players. I've said another...
Time will tell. Simple as. But even the word from the club is that such a need for a rebuild is commonly known. G. Nev gave a fantastic interview about this not...
Nothing hysterical. I simply don't agree. Compare the current side to Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City and tell me our squad runs as deep, especially if ot...
Rubbish if you ask me. First, I never said Shaw and Herrera are squad players. But those two signings alone are not enough. Second, 3-4 more signings are needed...
Herrera and Shaw are definitely not enough to improve our chances of challenging for the title, let alone a spot in the top 4. I think we still need at least 3-...
Sanchez signs for Arsenal. There's one off the list.
2 weeks ago
Sky and the Beeb are saying that no formal offer has been made.
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