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Nice read,thanks.
"The story was originally reported by The Peoples Person last night and has since been picked up by other individuals but at this stage, they are unconfirmed." ...
I guess LVG is completely out to lunch then .. you know, buying a weak CDM that so obviously won't be able cut it. I've watched him play a number of times, an...
1 day ago
I think a lot of supporters need to breathe and not be so reactionary. (Not saying you are being reactionary, but more generally speaking). This is a rebuilding...
So I was reading here and elsewhere people comment about Blind being signed as a CB. I think someone even suggested this on Sky and Mutv. But I actually think B...
Double post.
Fair point. Definitely no excuses. Just saying that our actual starting 11 looks quite different, perhaps also even tactically.
2 days ago
Agreed mate. LVG didn't say what was wrong, just that he was still injured (which could also mean that he's simply not fully fit yet having been injured in pr...
No, during his presser. He updated on 10 players injured, Rafa included (actually one of the first names he mentioned).
Not that close to our best line up, is it? No Shaw, no Rafa, no Herrera, no Rojo. That's 4 important players right there missing, which could make a difference....
He's injured. LVG offered an update on Rafa yesterday.
Agreed mate. I really like this signing, I think it is very astute. I still would like to see Carvalho, but perhaps one is asking too much at this point? Unless...
Di Maria has an Italian passport. He has a right to work via EU law. This makes it much more simple. There is also an issue with 'third party ownership', whic...
In 2001 Veron had to wait a couple weeks for his permit. Just sayin. There's obviously complications regarding Rojo's status, and even the entire team of lawyer...
Great news.
His pressers are top notch. Quite different to the Moyes era, more like SAF (although perhaps more candid than SAF).
@MUFC Agreed mate. Talksport is almost as bad, if not worse than the average tabloid: metro, daily fail, mirror, etc. And ESPN isn't a reliable source. They a...
I haven't seen one article about dropping interest in Carvalho, almost always the opposite. Link?
Mata > Kagawa.
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