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What does "Old can't afford place" mean??? You sir are an idiot.
6 years ago
Wenger has to go. Players dont want to move to arsenal cos they see no future. I must admit i am a massive fan of wenger as much as i am SAF cos of their contri...
Did you watch the second half when the youngsters were on or are you that arrogant to the game for what it was? you guys got nowhere near scoring in the second...
No room for divers in this game. complete .
7 years ago
This guy's a douche bag. definitely not a united fan. Hiding behind another name is weak you dumb fk.
Respect? everyones an equal on the pitch. do you even play?
It's FOOTYTUBE dude. post elsewhere!
I did watch the game and arsenal should have won by a lot more. barca did nothing in the second half.
Messi is better but it still doesnt excuse the fact it was an amazing goal. if that little fag messi scored a goal like that you guys would be creaming it. you...
Good game. both teams played well. 15 idiots voted for silvas goal.
Ffs... A diver is a diver! you cant say he use to do it, thats bullshit. i can go through every team and find youtube videos of divers. your a complete muppet. ...
Loser-poo fans, watch this and STFU! It happens in every club, not just united and the refs arent bias towards any ...
What game were you watching against man utd... arsenal played s**t mate. you are very naive, Man city will finish on top of arsenal.
We have a game in hand mate. dont get too carried away.
All im hearing is greece were lucky??? only thing they were luck about was that red card. The greek player only capitalised on his stupidity, but should have go...
8 years ago
Fkn massive dive. not a red card at all. dickheads like that kill the game.
Drogba a sook? so much for team sport... well done to Chelsea. thoroughly deserved it as the most consistent team of the season.
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