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22 year old Male
Football =D music, movies, life! =D playing PS3 :D (Fifa of course)
Players I like: Sahin, Gerrard, Torres, Barrios, Kagawa (since recently) Nasri, Hummels, the rest of the dortmund players, some peruvian ones like Pizarro and Farfan (despite playing for schalke -.-)
Just for Fun (Forward)
I'm a die-hard Dortmund fan, don't ask me why, I was born with a black-yellow heart ^^.
My second biggest love is Liverpool, no need of explanation there, best fans, best players, best team ever!
I was born in Germany and lived some years in Peru... Hence my partial love for the peruvian national team =)

Random thoughts: wake up, imagine, feel, listen, draw, meet, be, dream, love, hate, disappear, kiss, enjoy, read, exist, paint, forget, travel, scream, run, laugh, cry, fall in love, live, think, learn, grow... and don't die! :D

Destiny is just another word for not having a choice...
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For anyone interested in knowing why sometimes we hear nothing about Gündogan. Here is what he was up to the last couple of months:
10 hours ago
However the bet was who ended up above and you clearly lost. Just pay up
Berlin Berlin wir fahren nach Berlin!
3 days ago
Hey guys one question. Where will the cdr be held. In which stadium?
Geezus krist! Gladbach now got Traoré from Stuttgart after getting Andre Hahn... Hands down the paciest wings next season.
4 days ago
Durm taking care of Robben and Bale within a few months. And believe me, we will still have a lot of joyfull moments with mikhi. This is just the beginning of ...
Lucky you :D Rest well, tomorrow is monday -.- but in two days is DFB! :D
5 days ago
Tbf, the Bayern crowd is always silent :P
Only 17 more points to go :D Too bad we don't have 38 Fixtures or else we'd win this...
Where were you? Don't tell me destroying furniture because of the Granada game :P
I was just waiting for him to get sent off. Hope he get's banned for a couple of games.
6 days ago
I know but some people might not catch your humor and take it offensive. It's just to keep a happy and friendly mood. The guys in this forum are stand-up guys...
Pep already said he would take this game utter seriously and put on the best team he can. No excuses :P
Wow, way to make it interesting lads. Congrats and now get some silver!
Hey, I know you are new here and pretty happy as I am because of the game but stay classy and don't provoque in this forum. This kind of "comments" just start...
I'm glad Pep said before the game he would take this game very very serious and put on his best team. That way their fans won't be able to make excuses :'D
It's priority number one after the season finishes :P But probably after the WC we'll see what happens.
Clean sheet IN Munich hahaha Football romantics of the world, you're welcome :)
1 week ago
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