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22 year old Male
Football =D music, movies, life! =D playing PS3 :D (Fifa of course)
Players I like: Sahin, Gerrard, Torres, Barrios, Kagawa (since recently) Nasri, Hummels, the rest of the dortmund players, some peruvian ones like Pizarro and Farfan (despite playing for schalke -.-)
Just for Fun (Forward)
I'm a die-hard Dortmund fan, don't ask me why, I was born with a black-yellow heart ^^.
My second biggest love is Liverpool, no need of explanation there, best fans, best players, best team ever!
I was born in Germany and lived some years in Peru... Hence my partial love for the peruvian national team =)

Random thoughts: wake up, imagine, feel, listen, draw, meet, be, dream, love, hate, disappear, kiss, enjoy, read, exist, paint, forget, travel, scream, run, laugh, cry, fall in love, live, think, learn, grow... and don't die! :D

Destiny is just another word for not having a choice...
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And there is a huge difference between catenaccio and mourinhos bus parking
Sorry but every team that goes against pep is bound to have little possession. It's very simple to tag it as catenaccio and IMO not adequate. Madrid defended an...
Don't get sour about him. I don't care what he does in that jersey.
Dude, you have 4 (!) days to rest. Tell me, please, explain to me how a group of active players can't rest. The FA plan came out at the start of the season. How...
1 day ago
He's better than average. That much I can say.
2 days ago
I doubt there is anyone daring to make fun of Klopp. Even the dumbest person on earth recons what Klopp (with Susi and Aki) has done with this Club.
Juve is after RVP, Dzeko and some other. I doubt they would want to keep immobile. I'd welcome him. and yeah, #FreeShinji
Wellbeck? He has been a United fan boy since he can think. I doubt he would want to play for any other team than United. If he comes, I would be more worried if...
3 days ago
I totally agree with dougie. You can't possibly expect short-term success of a coach that had never before even coached a team into the CL with an aging squad t...
I hope Braunschweig make it 16th :D Alone their fighting spirit is more than either Hamburg or Nürnberg are showing.
4 days ago
I would actually want to see an injury-free Mainz in Europe.
If you could choose, who would you want to see 4th at the end? Sometimes I think Gladbach should be on there because of the fans and at some moments incredible ...
It's probably the first time scoring goals both wins you games and silverware.
You can't. Alone his character is Arsenal-esque. Hadn't he been injured (like the entire team) he'd have a lot of goals on his name.
It's not that you're playing sloppy, Hull is high pressing very well so far. They won't be able to keep it up until the end of the game though. As long as you d...
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