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Stephane gave the Korea Republic v Belgium video a rating of 1
3 years ago
Yup vid on that page that has at the end just don't play for me ?
4 years ago
Stephane gave the Rooney: England can win World Cup video a rating of 5
What's that ambient stuff around the vid i can't seem to be able to watch ????
Stephane gave the Mourinho 'happy' to see van Gaal at United [AMBIENT] video a rating of 5
Stephane thought the Manchester United v Olympiakos Piraeus match was good
Piss poor perf from us and the worst is that DM is still not under any pressure...
I wished kroos would stfu and stop it with his not ruling out man.utd it's pretty clear he's using us as a scapegoat to put pressure on Bayern...classic Wayne R...
Nothing less expected from Barça they were above city head and shoulders but i reckon city did put and interesting display every now and then. Yes, the ref f**...
Then footytube needs to look better when they pick videos on dailymotion b/c i've watched the complete motd on daily motion in hd :3
Still no proper highlights...
Stupid rule b/c a penalty was harsh enough outside of the box yh a red card would have been ok but both i can't help but feel bad for arsenal fans. Else i think...
My formation folks :D !!! -----RVP----- -----kagawa---Rooney---Mata----- -----Carrick---Fletcher----- ...
Much less comments on Man.utd vids when they win :3. Anyways good win 1st hal was very so so most likely b/c Kagawa was shunt on the flanks and Januzaj started ...
Another piss poor performance from Man.Utd :/ !!!
Well, much like everyone i was very pleased by Januzaj's display but ffs i hope he cuts the diving out of his game. His crosses was simply awesome. I mean he ca...
Great win will do us a a lot of good to get some momentum and crawl our way back to the top BUT let be honest Welbeck might have score 2 goals but they were not...
@Johnlow:Rofl i've print screen that one & i'll be sure to get back to you if Man.utd makes it above the 10th position be sure to still be on footytube & not to...
1-the votes for Arsenal rubbish/average must be a joke 2-City won by fine margins even though the FT score don't tell the whole story. I mean had Giroud seized ...
Liverpool fans talk about how Moyes is a terrible manager at United Well let's compare him to Rodgers first season at Liverpool shall we? - Finished below Ev...
*sigh* Going by the book is fine but you should also know when it's true and when it's not... If gerrard was a holding mid maybe what you said would have been t...
Oh well indeed BS perf from Man.utd but don't you worry haters Man.utd shall bounce back plus it's not like we have anything to lose now ;) !!!
Rolf if we go by your logic what about gerrard xD. I know you are a hater but at least try to be an intelligent one *wink* !!!
Average perf from the team but man some players seriously needs to go...we need better players in key areas. Please sell those guys listed below moyes and inves...
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