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Unselfish, passing football ended with cool finishes and Brave goalkeepers that make good decisions.

Tasty wine with a group of friends and good music. Growing my own food and sharing it with said friends. People who prove that the stereotypes about a group of people are untrue.
Unintelligent and misinformed know-it-all's and self righteous Americans.....which is unfortunate because I was born here.

The invention of fast food and the fact that food is now a commodity while people starve to death. Sorry if that was a bit heavy, but I just hate it so much.
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Fyi Teknomis, in England maths = math in the American tongue
6 years ago
To be fair the first goal from Betis was a clear hand ball too
Or Scottish to be fair
You can make a case for him being the best Holding midfielder in the EPL, but there are better overall players in the middle of the park. David Silva is better...
The machine keeps rolling
Desperate defending at times for the US, but at least it was organized desperation. We played the offside trap well and from what I saw the back four kept thei...
Deemytar BourbAtov..
Because the next match will be in the relative sweltering heat of Spain. its hard to grow grass at 10 below
Both teams were lucky so in the end it was a fair result. Chelsea: OG and deflected header Man U: Marginal penalties On another note, I can see David Luiz bein...
He's certainly the striker in form at the moment, but maybe not yet the best. You can see Torres starting to get his form back and I hope he can get to playing...
Just wanted to say that I got a virus from the above mentioned site. Don't go there and stream video. Dear Footytube, Put a stop to malicious advertising o...
Carrol looks and plays like such a stoner. Takes one to know one mind you, but you don't see me playing premier league football do you.
If Blackburn make it through this season they will have the Yak to thank for it. Even the french commentators said it "the Yak is back"
I usually disagree with klattenburg(sp?), but I think he was spot on today. If his hands were by his sides that wouldn't have been a pen, but if you have your ...
You ever think that there might not be any daily motion videos, you could have just went and seen for yourself. there isn't free site be...
One of the first times this season that I've seen our defense look organized. good counter by City though
I don't know bundesliga history that well, but I know they haven't played in the CL for a while so they are in the same boat as Man City. First time jitters, n...
Now who's talking sh*t
Have to admit it looks like he's been wearing that headband too tight since he was 7
90 minutes of football and 7 of soap opera
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