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Maybe shitty defending by ManU, but nice assist by Holtby at the first goal.
I loled at the penalty decision.
Ok, I only watched the highlights, but it doesn't seem like United played rubbish. Both teams were great.
I hate him, but damn is he good.
I think the win was one or two goals too high, but Schalke hadn't much chances either. Allin all deserved win for chelsea.
6 months ago
Real is missing Ozils passing quality.
I'm a german football fan since I was born and my own team never might play CL, but I can only say this: Its about time! We had some bad years since the last cu...
11 months ago
The marking in the table is wrong. There are 3 Cl, 1 CL Qual. and 2 EL
1 year ago
Thing is they would not have the chance to get Pep in a year or two and it always was certain that Heynkes retires at some point in the near future, just not th...
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