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What a shame that he is going to Bayern too. Enrique Reyes, confident of Heynckes, went on record in a recent interview saying that Lewandowski signed a contrac...
Enrique Reyes went on record in a recent interview that Lewandowski already signed with Bayern. The only question is if he goes for a lot of money this summer o...
Before Bayern lost to Arsenal, they lost to Borisov in the CL group stages and to Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga. Nevertheless, only three defeats so far i...
Some additional highlights, the whole game and analysis. I found the link on the Bayern forum. http://www.footballorgin.com/2013/04/uefa-champions-league-sem...
I have to admit, Conte and Juve showed class and earned my respect. I was a bit disappointed by Roura.
Here is a "home-made" video about the game from a spectator in the stadium I found on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=idQRtJUuDFI...
I wouldn't say that Galatasaray will advance because they are so good (and I agree with you on Drogba and Snejder), but rather because Schalke is experiencing a...
You are of course right, the ball was behind he line and the 5th official failed miserably. Consider however also that the initial pass out of the Ukrainian hal...
Well, according to the SID Klose, Schuerrle and Reus will start for Podolski, Gomez and Mueller. Can't wait to see them on the pitch. :-)
@ Robbery47: Of course you are right in the sense that the ball crossed the line. However, the initial pass out of the Ukrainian half into the English half was ...
Consider also that the initial pass from the Ukrainian half into the English half was off-side and that was overlooked as well. You might now say that two n...
Imagine if Germany wins the next three games. This would mean they had a perfect season as they would have won all qualifying games and all "final tournament" g...
Vivastpauli: thats probably because "Die Mannschaft" is the nick name for the Germans outside of Germany, especially in the anglo-saxon press,saying that German...
Arsenalmylove: no disrespect towards Nani and Ronaldo, but that won't be enough - not at this level. Consider how Germany won against teams with a superstar...
A little history lesson for you guys to warm up for the Euro's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEnRNY26YrY&feature=related
Http://www.4dfoot.com/2011/12/21/all-time-germany-best-xi/#more-1492 for another suggestion for the all time Germany XI
OMG!!! How can you not have Guenther Netzer??
Fair enough. Let's agree to disagree, no harm in that. I agree, that directly after the WC France played poorly against Norway and Belarus, which they both l...
Consider the following: While I agree that some groups are “more difficult to call” than others, it is fair to say that Group B, C and D each have two favor...
Here is another imaginative option for the future, but realistically the earliest would be for the WC 2014 Khedira - Kroos Mueller - Oezil - Goetze Reu...
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