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No they travel somewhere west, I can't recall where exactly.
To be honest he has been on for 10 minutes so far this season and already had an impact. He is doing exactly what we wanted from an attacking winger.
3 years vs 3 matches :)
Doesn't really matter who he wanted to pass to, the main thing to take away from this is that he wanted it back. had Benzema missed, there would have been some...
3 days ago
Allegri might be a bigger idiot than I thought.. Here we are saying this and that about our improved depth all week and what happens? He plays the exact same t...
He just stated that he feels fine and been doing full training since Friday so he should be on vs Malmo.
4 days ago
Buffon Lich-Boni-Chiellini-Evra Pogba-Marchisio-Asamoah Morata-Llorente-Tevez I feel this may be it, unless we go with the usual 352.
Pereyra is suspended for CL. I wonder who starts. Romulo or Padoin... or actually, Asamoah and Evra could play together on the left. Buffon, Romulo, Chiellini...
5 days ago
I never understood Lich's situation tbh. Hopefully an extension won't be a problem.
6 days ago
Hopefully there will be something by new year that prompts me to change it..
Yeah, in Conte's 3rd year we became rigid and focused solely on possession which is not the way the Invincibles played. Hopefully with this deeper squad we can...
He won you the CL, which is why he came. Not even Mourinho managed that. Ancelotti's class is beyond question. It's Real's utterly ridiculous buying policies t...
CL match should go down in similar fashion.
Well that was short, but I liked what I see from Coman and Morata :)
My man Claudio getting it done! :)
We are doing enough. Udinese can't really have a say. Easy points.
Let's sum up some stuff before SerieA restarts. injuries: It seems there is nobody completely on the sidelines. Pirlo and Vidal have small nags, but players li...
1 week ago
I don't get it tbh. If we want to replace Lich we should go for someone young who can be used for years to come. I think Marotta just like bosman transfers too...
We need more to give any opinion. This is all about pot1, but what about the rest? same old coef rankings? I think having teams like Napoli and Liverpool in po...
Btw we haven't mentioned it here yet, but Marotta is supposedly looking to sign either Glen Johnson or Dani Alves... First of all, what the hell for? second, a...
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