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Jujex, what you just proved what I've been saying for years. The Hungarian fanbase I talk to are a lot like this as well. Black and white thinking. We won, so ...
20 hours ago
I swear Pjanic regressed so much from his Roma days..
1 day ago
I think this may be a one off policy for this season. They seem to want everyone to concentrate on winning UCL even the bench players.
1 week ago
Http://www.espn.com/espnradio/play?id=25669346 As usual, Mina is the one that gets it.
2 weeks ago
I was making a point about headlines and blind fanboys. He scored another from 2 meters out and people hail him as god. I have yet to see anything from him thi...
I can see the papers already: Ronaldo! instant impact! Once again anyone would have scored that, but fanboys won't care :)
3 weeks ago
Plus Adidas quickly put up a new deal as well almost doubling the yearly revenue. Even though financially this was the first year that we recorded a loss, I'm g...
Atletico better start that offensive training :D
1 month ago
To be honest, until I get excited about our own play I don't care who we face. As usual we will win the Scudetto, but it doesn't mean anything. The idea of jus...
A lot of things can change in 2 months.
Looked at the highlights. Finally some quality shooting from Dybala. He could be so good, but alas we suck as a whole.
Don't know how we will play in a couple months, but if this continues I wouldn't be surprised if we go out to one of them.
Team statistics taken into account on an individual award always rubbed me the wrong way. Reserves get medals too, but doesn't mean they did anything special. ...
Allegri is using 4-3-3. Meaning Mandzukic, Ronaldo, Dybala, Costa, Bernadeschi and Cuadrado share the front 3 spots. The truth is we have been going for 4-3-3 ...
Allegri will never play Ronaldo without a player behind him since he doesn't defend. You remember he had the same problem with Morata early on when playing the ...
Cuadrado is the next Asamoah I think. Took on players constantly when he got here, but little by little stopped and even plays as a defender now. it's said rea...
2 months ago
I mean the contrast is high with someone new coming into the team. We always knew this, but with Ronaldo, it is actually animated on the pitch. I think the com...
Lately I've been finding myself agreeing with Ronaldo. Though this is nothing new, but the team doesn't play offensively at all. Most passes goes to feet not ah...
I said, run AT the goal scorer :)
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