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The result itself doesn't bother me as this is exactly why we have the extra points, but the way we lost bugs me. We could at least TRY to attack in the first h...
13 hours ago
This whole half has been crap. all we are doing is passing at the back then trying to find a striker..
23 hours ago
Grande pirlo
With the black underline, I'm thinking it will have black pants and socks. So you get the blackness :) However, the more interesting thing is always the everch...
2 days ago
4ever, I never said he was lucky. I just think he didn't add that much as a lot of people are suggesting. Our current success is down to the squad.
Best possible draw, though that doesn't say much at this point :) It all depends on Allegri. Will he let the boys have a go or not? Pereyra or Barzagli? Pirlo...
He isn't though :) The only thing he did was give Tevez a free role in attack. Everything else is the same. Though he makes changes even later than Conte did s...
3 days ago
Can you please stop denouncing our side on every comment you make. We made it to the Semi Finals and you only continue to nag on our performance like its going ...
4 days ago
Look guys. Everyone is happy with the overall picture, but you really need to stop living in the past :) You all know what this team is capable of and just bec...
Well..interesting topic :P I'm with Thecount. Henry is wrong here. What Ronaldo usually does, THATS what winning the World Cup looks like :D This was an all d...
Except they were fine to start. Vidal played well tbh. it's the mentality that Allegri enforced that made the overall picture look poor. You guys really don't...
*cough* 5-3-2 *cough*
Skool you are really off tonight :D
:) it pisses me off to no end! Allegri is such a coward it's not enough funny. Plays 5 defenders against a mainly defensive Monaco side and keeps Pirlo on whil...
Agree..disgusting performance from Allegri :/
Wouldn't be saying that if you had watched our match :P
Skool...2003? ) edit: What Albokk said! shame, shame.
This idiotic mentality that 1 goal is enough is driving me insane! 1-0 is better than 2-1 yet we went into match defending unlike the Dortmund match. Of cours...
Playing like a small team. my observations from before the tie stand.
Leaving Pirlo and putting on Llorente just shows that Allegri wants to slow the play as much as possible. We could have ended this with 1 goal as clearly they c...
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