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I invite you all to take a look again at Olympiakos' goal. We were all worked up over Pirlo giving the ball away, nobody noticed the real problem. Who spots it...
3 hours ago
We have the quality, but all players have to do what the manager says...
1 day ago
It's offside if you receive a forward pass when there is only one opposing player ahead of you. usually the keeper.
2 days ago
That's offside :)
Deserved? maybe But, we didn't deserve to lose either. Offside goal, ball cleared off the line, shot saved to the crossbar and 2-3 frontal shots blocked. We co...
3 days ago
Now we need to win the next 2 matches. No questions asked. Hopefully on the last match a draw will be good enough for both parties.
The players are echoing the words. Buffon: "if we played at this tempo from the beginning it would have been different" Tevez: "we need a new mentality" Pobga:...
Unbelievable...we don't know how to score. This is on Allegri. Coward. He gave an extra 10 minutes to Pirlo for no reason and Gio once again at the last minut...
And no change... this is what I mean. Allegri thinks the first half was good enough.
It's not the formation. I thought I already explained this. The whole idea of the 3-5-2 is massive pressure and early ball recovery, but if we sit back, there i...
I hate to be right, but as I've said. Pirlo needs to go and while we don't concede as much, we can't score..
Let's see if blue is a luckier color...
Hopefully Pirlo can make something happen this time. We need to push for a win. I'm guessing we won't concede as much as Atl, but will we score?
Garcia really messed this up. I mean they play with 4 at the back, but leave the sides open for the attacking wingers. Robben was constantly open. Suicide.
I think it's a step by step approach by the board. It sucks for us, but it's not like we can do anything about it. They look at the finances for the club as a w...
Thanks guys! ! I will save this match and watch it on rainy Sundays :)))
4 days ago
But.but......the ref...with the penalty! ...ah.forget it.
Yeah...that's not happening.
5 days ago
Very unfocused performance. Allegri should have rotated more. It's clear that most heads weren't in the game and the guys on the bench really want to play and w...
1 week ago
Though the way Roma are doing things now, Abate will also be heading to Rome. Manolas, Iturbe..Rabiot
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