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This also means that Leicester gets automatic pot 1 in CL 16/17. I find it ridiculous that everyone is writing on the Leicester forum when everyone knows ther...
7 hours ago
Thanks guys!!!!! never thought this day would come :)))) CHAMPIONS!!!!!!! but seriously. .who are you guys talking to?? -.-
13 hours ago
If we get Gomes, he won't be needed. He only had a handful of good minutes this season anyway.
Sg, Tevez did the same thing. Even under Conte, but more so with Allegri. Lemina is good and Gomes seems to be a good addition, but it is getting crowded. Lem...
3 days ago
We did play them though..did not come out on top. we may like them, but if they end up winning before us, it would make us look bad.
5 days ago
Buffon player of the season. Dybala may get the hype, but il capitano gets it for quality. It's too bad the refereeing was all over the place again. I feel lik...
1 week ago
Actually, head-to-head only counts for goals. Away goals don't matter. If it's a draw, like now, then it goes to goal difference in league. First they look at ...
So a month has passed, I'm back. I wasn't too enthused about the league after that game. We won everything so no surprise. We need 3 points from 4 matches to se...
What's due is due, but playing the Italian league I know full well when you make the plays, but nothing goes in. Even if things are going against you, you can a...
2 weeks ago
True. I didn't think BVB was capable of this kind of collapse. There needs to be a mentality where you say: "you may be better than us now, but I'll die before...
Easy to talk after the fact :) I'm a Pool fan as well, so the rage was misdirected. I stand by what I've said, I'm just as hard on Juve, if not more so.
And this is when being a die hard fan pays off :) Suicide from BVB...shameful 2nd half. grats people. Time to cool off :)
Fine, but you can't fault me for looking at things from the outside. I want Pool to win as well obviously.
I'm just mirroring your own thoughts from below :) how about some civility?
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