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Was nice to see him play this way. The goal is one thing, but he was great defensively as well. Stopped a crucial counter. Hopefully he can put one past Napoli...
2 days ago
Let's hope for a similar score on monday!
3 days ago
Finally!!!! what a goal.
Hello and welcome to Caglia....and Juve takes the lead!
The race is on for both teams to get into form come February...
6 days ago
Vidal needs to get his act together. He hasn't had a decent move yet this season. He is the emotional type. He needs a run of good games to get back in the gro...
From header of all things :)
1 week ago
I didn't say I was one of them. But I think Lich needs the challenge anyway.
Not everyone likes Lich. Those people wish for a more attacking right back.
How easily you forget last year's finalist...
Watched the match. Can't say I'm surprised. It was exactly the same in Madrid. Atletico are one of the better sides when it comes to defending. They got some e...
I guess he wasn't ready to risk a back 4 without Lich. It is strange though. Padoin could have played there and Gio could have played for Tevez. As I've said b...
2 weeks ago
It is our fault...clearly.
Allegri didn't want to risk anything. Gio haven't played in god knows how long and he didn't even feature. We could have tried a 4-3-3, but Allegri was afraid o...
To be honest, Vidal saw that he can't catch him so going to cover the middle was the only choice. Chiellini stepped out to cover the near post. In the end he ma...
Had to skip the last 20 minutes, but WHAT A FINISH!!! :D I was jumping up and down :P Torino played a solid game and the rain didn't really help us, but it l...
3 weeks ago
We have 8-12 active members, the problem was this summer and Allegri hit us hard. So the enthusiasm isn't quite back yet and it shows.
Not everyone can watch weekday matches Noir :) I'm all caught up now though. It was a labored and somewhat sketchy performance, but I'm glad we managed to bre...
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