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He is talking about Boni :)
5 days ago
Something happened between him and the club. Why Milan? I'm guessing he took the nearest club as he didn't want to uproot his family after what they went throug...
2 weeks ago
Are we forcing Higuain out? I don't see how anyone would want to go to Milan as a career choice. Bonucci obviously had other issues and picked the closest club ...
Yeah, but the truth is that this French team will only get better. Expect them to reach the next Euro final as well.
1 month ago
Feel bad for Croatia, but it was inevitable. This France team is the new golden generation. When World Cup winning youth like Pogba and Umtiti comes through to ...
First time I'll see his little pirouette in Juve jersey, I may just hurl :/ Buffon isn't here to tell him what's what either. All of our headlines will be abo...
Sure...break a record that took 19 years to make. okay then
Can't for the life of me, figure out this Buffon PSG situation. If he can play for them, surely he could have ended his career here? Unless he was pushed out li...
Now how funny is that it's Messi that we need given the fact that our play is so static ever since Pirlo left :) Maybe it's a good thing that a different prov...
Spigy just became a Rival of Real Madrid
Spigy updated his profile
Still no. I wouldn't want him even if some fortune teller would guarantee that we win the CL with him.(which would be all about him if we did).. As for Tevez...
He is not Juve material. It's principle. Here, you die for the team and not the other way around.
I see it as a team problem. Ronaldo is much more direct and often the end of plays hence easier to play with. While Messi is the beginning and while he can make...
Not even for free.
Not really. I always level my expectations with the potential of the club.
Milan out of Europe :)
How is it possible to mess up for this period of time given the players that Argentina has? This is borderline dark humor. I'm no Argentina fan, but come on......
What the actual f**k is up with Argentina...
Btw if they push Claudio out of the club, I quit.
2 months ago
Rumors say Pjanic is getting a new contract to reflect his importance and the team will be built around him.. Was I watching a different player these years? I ...
Spigy thought the Napoli v Juventus match was awesome
3 years ago
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