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Well, we can't expect anything from Allegri...
2 hours ago
It will be more interesting against Roma on Sunday as they won't sit back. They will have a point to prove.
3 hours ago
Watched the match. Can't say I'm surprised. The loss doesn't interests me as I've said. I was expecting a defensive game while knowing that we can't face match...
4 hours ago
The problem is that everyone is hailing Atletico and ripping on Juve for how we played. To make things perfectly clear, we weren't the ones defending most of t...
You may want to look at that line up again :)
So far we didn't have any competition, but now it comes at us in force. To be honest I will be more interested in the team's play than the results. btw it's am...
1 day ago
This side is the first since 98/99 to start a season with 5 clean sheets. Back then it was Parma. Guess who was the keeper :)
3 days ago
Evra and especially Llorente are still below expectations.
4 days ago
We are also facing Roma next week..going to be interesting. Destro scored an insane goal today.
Morata opened his account :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTLhCBh3Rz4
Yeeeah :D great sight from Tevez!
For a second there I thought that was a tear for Ogbonna.. anyway, we are in the lead and Atalanta is contained. It's time to bring in the subs.
It's like in my earlier comment. We are literally squeezing in goals...it should be easier than this.
Dead man walking!
Let's see how Allegri subs...we'll need energy for CL.
Everyone is hyping Allegri, but nothing happened yet. Let's see how he does when we actually get scored on. We are doing the same thing as with Conte. Trying to...
5 days ago
The only way we will use it if we go up against a darkblue-white team, like Everton. soooo we won't.
6 days ago
Watched the match. I think this was as much on paper result as you can get. One sided the whole match. Not overextending ourselves, waiting for chances and get...
1 week ago
*kicks the door in* you said what now?
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