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We all want it, but after all the s**t we went through, seeing them all squirm and scurry around does have it's satisfaction factor. We are doing our part for ...
19 hours ago
The way he plays on the wing makes me believe that he will replace Cuadrado. Just watched the Scoutnation vid of him and I like what I see. He has determination...
1 day ago
I cannot get over the fact that we are paying 90 for Higuain... Not exactly how imagined our first big buy :/
2 days ago
It is a lot more than he is worth as we are also buying out his contract :/ This also means that Pogba is leaving as there is no way we would pay this much for...
Yeah and this will be the january line up :) But the rest is good.
Bastos...a blast from the past :O
4 days ago
So Pjaca is the latest young talent to arrive. So much movement on the market. Does anyone still remember 2010? :D
6 days ago
Whether they are keeping him or not, they will profit from this so they activated the clause. Morata also doesn't mind where he plays between the two clubs, but...
1 week ago
Okay so first we bring in the coveted trequartista then we load up the defense for the 3 men line up. So which is it? Or are we playing a 3-4-1-2? :)
It's got to be a hoax. There is no way we would pay that much for any one player. Even if we do sell Pogba. Besides Higuain doesn't worth that much by a mile.
I mean who the f**k do they think they are? After playing with us, he can now step UP to a TOP club?? and that's United? L O L
And Allegri will teach them defensive football! :)
"...he’s certainly ready for a top-top-top club. My main question is this: is Manchester United the top club he was looking for?" man, some of these English...
He just needs playing time and confidence. Maybe a little aggression control.
Lol at that top 5 earnings table. He earns as much as Zlatan :DD
It could be that he wants more playing time or being sacrificed as nobody wants Hernanes... I was always for Pereyra, so I'm not happy. It actually makes me wo...
So here we are as I've said a while back. The board is preparing a new contract for Pogba even though he just got one. Why? Because some rich club offered him a...
Yeah...personally I don't know what you saw that Ronaldo did with the ball, but I haven't seen anything from that others couldn't replicate. I mean the one thi...
2 weeks ago
Comments are all over the net. I thought I would get ahead of it and maybe cause some of them to think for a change. and you haven't been paying attention if y...
Bonnucci isn't priced at 50m, we were offered that much and rejected. This isn't milking. Juventus is NOT a selling club. We won't sell unless the players want ...
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