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This Juve is so bad not even Cristiano can help them :P
16 hours ago
Another tap in...I can't help but laugh :D
18 hours ago
What are your takes on the Ultras ongoing protest against the club? It does feel like we are turning into a suit and tie event instead of a house party. Seaso...
1 week ago
I'm not surprised tbh. We are talking about a footballer who became a millionaire in his teens. We'll see what happens, but it does feel opportunistic. Since s...
2 weeks ago
They need him badly.
Look at him calling everyone to celebrate with him... :) He doesn't know that it's unnecessary, we do that with everyone. I will never ever get over this. Th...
Noir, the problem with that is that from what Agnelli says it is more likely, if not certain, that all this is about money and not trophies. Agnelli has been m...
Well it's easier to say this from your couch, but those fans that are there feel it more than anyone. Football club with heart or soulless corporation with gre...
Another step in the list of things that is turning the club into a circus. Agnelli already said that he is not against playing league games outside Europe. The...
3 weeks ago
It's one thing to make a run and ask for the ball, but when he comes back and people just pass it to him like he will make something happen. I really don't get...
Stone me if you want, but we are already working for Ronaldo despite Allegri stating otherwise the other week. Players are constantly passing to him even if th...
Not like it matters anymore, but I just noticed that Italy is up to 3rd in UEFA rankings. Germany did so bad last year that they fell 2 places.
4 weeks ago
Its hard to imagine :P
1 month ago
:( it's like you know me..
You miss the point.
I'm so tired of all these CR Muppets flooding every forum and chat...
Napoli already digging themselves deeper.
Yeah and none of us like it.
What he stands for is the limelight and money that has taken over modern football.
I know someone here won some money! CR starting out with a tap-in had to be a bet somewhere :D
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