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Praise the saints!
Just first game i went to see my chelsea play and i cry when reading scored back to draw. i was so confident chelsea were to win. for me tho, the w...
That ball girl is a dirty twat. when the ball went out, she dove on top of the ball, being an immature 6 year old in order to get attention. the only thing ha...
Chelsea...we are not entirely out of this yet. put ya head up and believe
Gotta say, seattle sounders have the best fans in mls
The problem isn't Torres. our midfield lacked attack. end of story. we are indeed too slow at the moment. if u watch torres, he will get in between the defe...
Chelsea will rise.
Sir...i am a 20 year chelsea fan. i've seen him flip out before but everyone does.
Juventus killed us. only 2 shots on target? common! we need another defender (Sergio Ramos) and we need a new striker (Falcao/Villa).
His challenge was harsh, adebayor, but the lad is a respectable character. doesn't flip out when carded and even tries to help cazorla. a great lad indeed.
I love chelsea u idiot Dannymorales21. i knew who played i'm watching the highlights dumbass. and yes i was referring to norwich beating man u. okaay
Torres get ur s**t straight, sturridge put the s**t in the back of the net, chelsea stop playing like s**t. and well done to norwhich
Zlatan is simply a monster
*needs to be benched i believe
Chelsea need to up game big time. liverpool managed to take advantage of our poor play. oh and and chelsea....torres is not the flop of the match, i'...
I didn't say we didn't need a new striker. we clearly do. i'm just sick of chelsea fans comparing torres and sturridge
I HATE how people, especially chelsea fans are comparing torres and sturridge. okay, we get it, torres isn't the best striker for chelsea. in fact he is below...
Omg!!! west ham clearly deserved the win. i understand it was sort of hard for the linesman (not really) to point that out but ugh! respect for west ham!
Chelsea fan just want to say AMAZING comeback Arsenal. u guys did fantastic. theo walcott...respect!
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