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Torres is a ghost.. Should have stayed in Liverpool, G-Unit.
6 years ago
One of the big reasons this sport hasnt caught on in the US is when we turn the tv on and a grown man is rolling around on the ground crying. "Well shoot," we t...
7 years ago
Arsenal fans cant complain.. their penalty was easily just as soft. well done, liverpool. YNWA.
Pretty sure Park dove..
Oh, carrick, NOOO!
Oh man, Berba.. could have been 2-0.
I'm so sick of every player rolling on the ground, crying after every tackle.. It is ruining the sport.
Great game.. Fabio and Nani are worse than little girls in a toy store.
That was in no way, shape or form a penalty. What a joke. Diving is making this sport look silly.
I found myself getting behind LO.. I'll be rooting for them in the next game at the Emirates!
Anyone else sick of watching Ronaldo look on the verge of tears every time something doesn't go his way? Fantastic player, but i think he lacks maturity.
Great work by crawley. fun game to watch.
Berba is having a helluva season.. Blackpool fans should be proud. Players play hard, and the fans are super classy.
Worst call ever. howard webb, you messed up on that one.
I cant understand a word wilshere said..
Must have been a sniper in the stands.. di maria had no other reason to go down like that hahaha
Nani needs a haircut.. yikes.
Cant blame united... that ref is a joke! terrible. spurs didnt deserve that.. great game aside of that
Hey all ur frinds are liverpool fans never mind after this weekend oone of our teams will b bottom of table sucks right now
BOTTOM 3?? Come on boys, take care of business! new owners for christmas, Santa.
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