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SonicSP wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
So I guess teams should just stay still so Barca can pass around and score then rather than reacting to tactics? Barca was playing ten men Chelsea without their...
6 years ago
Whether they deserved it from their performance is irrelevant, they won against a very good Barca team and given how good Barca, winning againts them no matter ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Would be nice to see Chelsea win.
The problem would be the exact definition of a dive to be imposed in an actual. Young definitely was looking for it (and went down in spectacular fashion) but t...
Young diving doesn't help because it means he'll gain a reputation and refs are likely to believe.
Second time in a short while too.
Young's dive was a disgrace and a horrible call from the linesman, but its not like its the only lucky call for big teams this weekend. Balotelli should have be...
I thought it was really hard to see in real time although its clear in the replays. It looked like a sending off because of a clear cut oppourtunity in real tim...
Young's dive was a disgrace. Feel sorry for the guy who got red carded. What was the linesman doing.
Yeah, he's really good form in the moment. I was a bit worried when he got injured last time.
Love the commentating.
Somewhere on FootyTube
I dont know whether he has the best portfolio of saves but he has done more good than bad all things considered. Hope he gets better as more time passes. We'll ...
I know, he sounds awesome. So much enthusiasm.
I thought Spurs were better for most of it and had me on edge most of the time, even if United had the more clinical of the game.
We're not in the greatest of forms at the moment, but I agree I would hardly called it a crisis (yes, in spite of the city loss). Getting a win of small games w...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Yeah, it was a bad pass from Malouda. Poor Terry now has another slip to add to other infamous one because of it. Hope he'll stay resilient because he has a lot...
Rooney fell down easily in my opinion for the second penalty but I guess its argubly a foul and the referee stated his opinion. Quite subpar from United in my ...
Yeah, United defence was not good in this game. I think we really miss Vidic and I guess Ferdinand can't play all the games like he used to. I think we were ju...
They;re traditionally slow starters anyways, usually getting better throughout the year. But I don't totally disagree, they still have a long way to go and a lo...
Wow, Welback was good. He's shaping up really well. Glad he's recovered well from his injury. Looks to be a potent candidate with Rooney gone for awhile.
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