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Watching Dani Alves' graceful dives, Wayne Rooney's hair, mirror image flanks, Xavi's feet, Hulk's abs and DUBSTEP
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I'm a asian kid living in Australia, I love football alot...some say too much. I'm at heart a soccer tactician, and love nothing more than to discuss any and every tactics, from Bielsa's weird and wonderful 3-3-1-3 to the standard 4-4-2. Friend me if you want :) and I shall sing sweet sha-la-las to you every night
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19 finishing confirmed on FM15. Gg boyz :P
13 hours ago
Dammit Louis and after I defended you, you go and do this. LVG plez :'( Haha but all jokes and price tag aside, Martial does look promising. Pace, skill and fi...
@Theatreofdream haha sure things will always change, people will come in with a different idea of how to transition, how to defend, how to attack etc. sure. B...
19 hours ago
I know alot of you guys have your doubts over LVG and his methods but his emphasis on passing and structure will pay dividends in the future. Swansea itself is ...
22 hours ago
6 red cards in a week loool
1 day ago
It's just the media guys. And they always get things right don't they :/ I don't know where people got this impression that we HAVE to buy someone when we sell...
^there's periods in any match where a top team would look shaky as well. Its just the natural ebb and flow of a game. We're doing fine.
4 days ago
I hope to see Herrera in the no. 10 role more often to unlock the nasty defences that sit deep cause he's just such an energizer bunny in terms of movement and ...
So glad we got him before Arsene got his mitts on im I reckon he was the signing that would've turned Arsenal into genuine title contenders. Schneiderlin > Coq...
5 days ago
@Tomi will do (Y)
1 week ago
@Tomikato haha you should see other sites and the comments on there. The amount of vitriol spewed towards Woody and LVG is unbelievable. I've scrolled past man...
To paraphrase the Joker: "You sign a World Cup winner, a World Cup finalist, a future world-beater, the most solid RB in the Serie A and the Premier League's b...
Exactly 69 days, 69 hours, 69 minutes and 69 seconds before he gets sacked That sounds about right yeah?
I think with the system we're playing we need a pure out and out striker, which is something that suits Wilson and Chicha (a reason why LVG wants him to stay) b...
Great slideshow SIF. Goes to show that there's a lot more nuances to management than just saying "play attacking entertaining football". What happens when you l...
2 weeks ago
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3 weeks ago
He's also the first keeper I've ever seen that smiles so much haha after every save he's just grinning from ear to ear
^that was his number at Southampton so I guess there's some sentiment behind it?
@SIF haha yeah love how much power his shots can generate. It's insane and he's so frickin built its hard to believe he's only 21. I really see him developing ...
1 month ago
Https:// great vid showcasing Depay's pre-season moments. Just my two-cents, I think we have to give it some time before we ...
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