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I'm a asian kid living in Australia, I love football alot...some say too much. I'm at heart a soccer tactician, and love nothing more than to discuss any and every tactics, from Bielsa's weird and wonderful 3-3-1-3 to the standard 4-4-2. Friend me if you want :) and I shall sing sweet sha-la-las to you every night
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After that defensive performance I'm guessing De Gea must be wishing for Jones and Smalling to be in front of him in defense instead. But jeez that first save ...
8 hours ago
------------VDS------------ GNev-Vidic-Maldini-R.Carlos ------Viera---Keane-------- Ronaldo--Bergkamp---Henry --------V.Nistelrooy-------
2 days ago
He's a unique spanner to throw in the works when he's on form and firing (like he is currently) Height, power, chest control and a magnificent distracting afro...
1 week ago
Nope. Still one of our most productive players and a talisman.
Https:// He's the midfielder we have all been asking for, someone comfortable in possession, hustles the opposition and crea...
Someone on a fancam once compared Ander Herrera's presence in midfield to be akin to Keane. After this match, I'll have to say that minus the raging bull aggre...
....why are we even debating who deserves the full three points or the point. Is there this grand illuminati jury that alters the verdict of matches? No, whoeve...
Blind is just not at Carrick's level atm. He's a great passer of the ball and an intelligent defender but he lacks the experience and creativity of Carrick. Bu...
Https:// Video of Memphis Depay's skills and goals I would be really excited to see him in a United shirt next season but I...
Somehow civil football banter would seem so alien and foreign to me "Yes, as a United fan, I do agree that Gerrard has done tremendously to be established as t...
2 weeks ago
I think the OP's point was that De Gea should play for a club that appreciates him through the good and the bad rather than a club that could use a talent like ...
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Hard to believe he's not Scholes ;)
ADM needs movement in front of him, but our play in most games with him are too static, only this game is one where we've had a flurry of movement with slick on...
Real Madrid buys players only to boo them. They boo'd Ronaldo, they boo'd Bale, they boo'd Benzema, they boo'd Modric No offense to Madrid supporters here but...
Bony's just a pure out-and-out striker, he scores goals, but build up is not there (kinda like Falcao :/). In the changing meta of football that requires all pl...
Blanc's PSG wins one entertaining match and suddenly he's LVG's level? Sorry but it's a no. I like him but there's not much about him. I don't think LVG would...
What da frack is happening to this game I don't even know o.o nailbiter till the end
@theatreofdreams Of course man, learning from our mistakes is always paramount but what I meant by that is people comparing LVG and our team to everyone under ...
3 weeks ago
Fell on our own sword today but all there is to do is just dust ourselves off and get ready for the next match. All this negativity isn't gonna help anyone and...
Tbf, so did De Gea when he arrived at our shores but look at im now. Every weakness can be trained out, plus it helps we have Frans Hoek on staff who's one of ...
1 month ago
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