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Watching Dani Alves' graceful dives, Wayne Rooney's hair, mirror image flanks, Xavi's feet, Hulk's abs and DUBSTEP
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I'm a asian kid living in Australia, I love football alot...some say too much. I'm at heart a soccer tactician, and love nothing more than to discuss any and every tactics, from Bielsa's weird and wonderful 3-3-1-3 to the standard 4-4-2. Friend me if you want :) and I shall sing sweet sha-la-las to you every night
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^we were winning that match :l Nani's play caused us to concede, go to extra time and lose on penalties (it was league cup if my memory serves me right) Beside...
9 hours ago
Mistake in an earlier presser (pre-season if I remember correctly) turned into a running joke / unintended performance steroid.
3 weeks ago
Here's the funny thing about statistics in footy is that it paints a picture about the game or the season but as itself it doesn't reflect a team's actual perfo...
Where opinions swing harder than Miley in Wrecking Ball
4 weeks ago
Shaw and Darmian did surge forward plenty of times (Shaw's momentum in that PSV game took him to a goalscoring opportunity) and I see them stay wide (maybe not ...
1 month ago
I'm hoping he improves for the better but my honest opinion is that Rooney doesn't have the tactical mind to be an effective CM :l It's like how Gerrard transi...
Controversial statement here but I rated Hazard more highly when he was at Lille and afforded more of a free role to terrorize defenses. At Chelsea sure he made...
For me, world class is being able to lift the standard of the entire team just with their presence and performance, to a higher level. They could put in a sub-p...
Http:// Interesting read in regards to the curr...
The miracles of modern medicine hey? Glad to see him working hard to get back into action. Onwards and upwards Lukey boy!
Newcastle can be too inconsistent to be a steady stream of points imo it's worth a gamble like Bolasie in the 2nd half of last season but I don't think he's wor...
@ToD Just my opinion in light of all the Henry comparisons, I did and do rate Anelka as a striker so it's a good thing? haha @TCC True, but Anelka when he arri...
Watching Martial, I can't help but think he's more like Anelka than Henry despite numerous comparisons to the latter. He's just been beasting since his move t...
He just hasn't adapted his game effectively. At a point in time he did look like he could play deeper ala Totti and control games from a CAM/CM position but it'...
Its a clean break no? Those are a lot easier to fix with all this wonderful advances with modern technology than it is with microfractures and incomplete breaks...
Yeah fair enough man. Just disappointing performance. Oh well, we better bring our A game for Everton or we'll face the same result :l
Yeah the hunger just wasn't there which would probably indicate fatigue starting to creep in haha just to clarify by team selection I was referring specificall...
LVG got his team selection wrong. It's as simple as that :l Trying to play a pressing game against Arsenal in their own backyard is always gonna be suicide. Unl...
@Francois01 Thanks for clarifying haha I just saw the headlines and was like damn that was salty haha but glad to know its just lost in translation :) No hate,...
Damn Wolfsburg's manager Dieter Heckling got salty af haha calling the Mata-Mike goal "s**t"
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