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Watching Dani Alves' graceful dives, Wayne Rooney's hair, mirror image flanks, Xavi's feet, Hulk's abs and DUBSTEP
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I'm a asian kid living in Australia, I love football alot...some say too much. I'm at heart a soccer tactician, and love nothing more than to discuss any and every tactics, from Bielsa's weird and wonderful 3-3-1-3 to the standard 4-4-2. Friend me if you want :) and I shall sing sweet sha-la-las to you every night
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Http:// A fantastic blog post about Cryuff, Van Gaal, Ajax and the legacy both managers l...
10 minutes ago
Shades of Olympiakos away leg :/ ffs this nightmare won't end will it?
4 days ago
+1 Teja. Que Sara, Sara, whatever will be will be. Emotions are getting on a high, so I guess that's why it's overflowing into comments and stuff. Personally, ...
1 week ago
Nullify the star player to win the game? How dare he. hahaha meh shows how effective Park was. God bless his soul, love Park till death. A model professional an...
Jimmies have been rustled
Carvalho would be my first choice. Hughes would be my second.
^clean sheet's a clean sheet m8. That's a good away statistic to have. That means we're marching off to opposition's homes and shutting them completely out.
^that's what makes Dortmund a romantic's club though. They're the team you just can't help but love, because of the sheer passion the players and coach have for...
2 weeks ago
Technically, not letting your opponents get possession of the ball, is anti-football in a way. Just sayin, I don't really want to watch one team pass the ball a...
I know we're all still nursing massive man-crushes on Adnan so lemme just add on a little. Prophet mentioned his movement earlier that shows so much intelligenc...
He's our new "big-game" player to an extent. Has some way to go before he can reach ol' Three-Lung's standard but bless him for all his derpiness on-field he's ...
3 weeks ago
Credit has to given where it's due to the team, who showed alot of spirit and resilience and definitely, Moyes, who, I think still needs refinement in other asp...
Yeah I think Buttner really stepped up today. Put in a solid shift, still showed a few slips ups here and there but yeah, I am really impressed with his perform...
^My point all along. Whenever someone brings up Rodgers as a comparison, you're forgetting that Liverpool may have gotten seventh but the football they played w...
No. jks we can argue till the cows come home about Moyes but at the end of the day, Moyes has delivered bad results on top of poor performances. He hasn't show...
4 weeks ago
@prophet it's less about what players we put there, it's more of how they play when they're in there. Osman, McCarthy and Gareth Barry at Everton (for talking...
1 month ago
Http:// I think this video of Everton says it all. Clear co...
Yeah I'm done with this guy. what did he say during half-time? "Lads go out there and play like City"? Ffs.
I'll be praying to the old gods, and the new aha! But honestly, if we go out (and we'll be swinging), it'll be to the best team in the world. And I don't think...
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