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Watching Dani Alves' graceful dives, Wayne Rooney's hair, mirror image flanks, Xavi's feet, Hulk's abs and DUBSTEP
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I'm a asian kid living in Australia, I love football alot...some say too much. I'm at heart a soccer tactician, and love nothing more than to discuss any and every tactics, from Bielsa's weird and wonderful 3-3-1-3 to the standard 4-4-2. Friend me if you want :) and I shall sing sweet sha-la-las to you every night
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Tbf, so did De Gea when he arrived at our shores but look at im now. Every weakness can be trained out, plus it helps we have Frans Hoek on staff who's one of ...
6 days ago
Http:// Very interesting artic...
1 week ago
^And Jones and Evans looked like the making of world beaters under SAF. I reckon Jones suffered from an unfortunate string of injuries and I think Evans lost a ...
2 weeks ago
@Shiwa It's just their lack of pace :/ RVP and Falcao have never been known to have blistering pace in the first place and Rooney has lost that touch of madne...
I think it's the lack of movement upfront that annoys me more than anything else. I know our front line has little pace aside from Di Maria but they are some of...
"Build it and they will come" was probably the idea in mind when they built the stadium :P
3 weeks ago
Inb4 a twitter account called evil herrera I already have a sinking feeling of Herrera being the next Kagawa :/
His mentality is there, it's clear he wants to make his time here at United work and for that I'll give him props. Whether or not he's first team quality or no...
1 month ago
Real Madrid is honey-potting him.
^you and me both mate
Obvious bait is obvious. But if it isn't... :/ smh
2 months ago
Such a tragedy, and such a freak accident to boot. To think the ball managed to bypass the side skirts on the helmet and strike such a vulnerable part of the he...
3 months ago
Https:// A fitting tribute to our Last Line of Defense. Couldn't ask for anyone else to stand between the sticks, a United ...
"that's a big blow" Understatement of the season. also inb4 that's what she said ;)
No coach is perfect, let's not kid ourselves. There's way too many factors and issues (some we might not even be aware of) that come into play for a club to be ...
Dad's a Spurs fan. I ain't surprised. Even RVP's and Neville's sons aren't with our academy.
Looks like...he scores Juan when it Matas. *puts on sunglasses* YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH couldn't resist :) A scrappy win but a wi...
@Malik mmm alright fair enough I guess :P Stats only goes so far hey? I don't really watch much of La Liga so I don't dare delve too deep into a debate on that ...
4 months ago
^statistically they're both more or less the same. Just that Ramos surprisingly commits more fouls but gets more tackles in per game. I'd say Ramos deserves a ...
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