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@SUNNY88 Clearly you didn't understand what I meant. By spanish dominant midfield, I meant that our midfield is made up of spanish players who lead the league ...
@SUNNY88 We're not good without him? Have you watched Arsenal football at all? We're probably one of the most creative teams in the league thanks to our Spanish...
Here's a good video of extended highlights!
Somewhere on FootyTube
If he leaves Arsenal for Man City, then I will lose faith in the EPL...This absurd amount of money being spent by this club is just going to make the EPL more l...
RvP is from the netherlands...and I don't believe you meant Mertesacker..
Hello and happy holidays to you too! (From Lake Zurich)
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
I'm getting so tired of Man Shitty...
The american style is adding a salary cap...
Arsenal waited until the last minute to acquire money and then spend it on players in the transfer pool, just wait for January.
It wouldn't "kill" the league, it would make everything more fair for the other club teams in the league. It should be about the talent of the team, not the am...
I agree with Wenger. It's time to adopt the American style when it comes to signing players. Only the power clubs with lots of money have won league titles. ...
I think our player size is similar to the German teams. In my mind, if we were to hire Jurgen...then he could teach a more defensive style play for the United ...
Too bad RvP has a kid dumbass. Oh and what does sexual orientation have to do with footy? But, I guess it takes a Man Who fan to come out and make bigot remark...
I know times are tough right now, but it's important to Keep the Faith. In Arsene we trust! Hopefully this video will give you a little boost to keep your hop...
For those of you who are saying "Oh, it was a lucky goal", etc. Shut up and give the guy some respect. As a soccer player in the United States, I hate reading...
Have you ever played a game where the team crowds the box and it's almost impossible to feed any balls in? That's how you guys played. Liverpool didn't care a...
7 years ago
The last game is irrelevant first off. You said shut out, not shut down in your first post. A shut out is the synonym of clean sheet. How would Eboue notice ...
And "get my facts straight"? You brought the homosexual act of one person "humping" another person. So, you are aware of Eboue's sexual orientation huh? Make...
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