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LOL idk what made us switch to this crossing game...with short players. lol
3 months ago
@Maaza sorry maybe i went too far, Simeone is a legend. but the only one.
I was so skeptic towards neymar start of this season, hasnt proven anything to me. He has no heart, no passion when we need it, yet barca board seem to look at ...
@LastGraspWinner sarcasm must be very diffcult for you to understand huh? Honestly idc who, no argentine coaches. they all are horrible.
4 months ago
That was my guess, but they'll have to pay after they comeback! though, i hear there are options to buy for some of the players loaned out. i wish they'd keep...
5 months ago
We suck at defence. actually for the past years :(
So i havent been paying attention to Valencia's transfers til i started a managing career with them and updated the squads....question, since I'd like to know a...
Soccerrenz nominated T. Rosický (42') for Goal of the Week
Soccerrenz nominated K. Strootman (32') for Goal of the Week
6 months ago
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Soccerrenz nominated Negredo (12') for Goal of the Week
Soccerrenz just Watched
Wondering if anyone knows any good links to enjoy this game :) if so shoot me that link in my wall, thanks guys!! :D
Soccerrenz just Watched
Soccerrenz nominated L. Suárez (50') for Goal of the Week
Soccerrenz just Watched
Wow! that was 2 years ago.. And you can see, its still the only funny vote he has! wow! :D
7 months ago
Tell me about it! the only cool thing is the realistic ball physics when shooting.. :(
10 months ago
^Neymar hater :)
11 months ago
They do have bragging rights for now...but dang. 0.0
It's called a starting 11. didnt have that last game. lol wasn't bad defending in they just didnt care, would you? they have more important things...
Thiago was our loss, only thing that pissed me off about Barca this season was letting this amazing talent go, one of my favorite players, and could have taken ...
12 months ago
Vamos Uruguay! :DDD
1 year ago
He's receiving hate as well, you just aren't seeing it. chances are im hoping this isnt true, even if ronaldo had it, noone wants to see the 2 best in the wor...
Hmmm.. hard to say.. guess we have to wait to hear it from one of the clubs themselves..
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