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Soccerfaithful gave the Colombia v Greece video a rating of 5
4 years ago
It seemed like Barcelona was playing against kids. They literally scored goals walking through the Osasuna 'defense'. This display of class makes the Clasico lo...
Quality goalkeeping by Sirigu...
The first goal should be called offside, regardless of Kompany touching it (if a player shoots, and his offside teammate scores after the keeper blocks the firs...
Poor defending by Tottenham more than good attacking by Chelsea.
Insane second goal. What a counter-attack... That one-two between Benzema and Cabaye, Benzema's pass or Matuidi's finish, I have trouble saying what's the best
Soccerfaithful nominated B. Matuidi (41') for Goal of the Week
We were playing pretty well until that red card. Shame, I would have enjoyed seeing how well we would have done over a full 90 mins against Bayern. No Premier L...
Here is a 40s video showing all four goals. It's the best I found for now.
I'm sorry but Valdes is just not playing at a decent enough level for a club like Barça. He should have saved at least one of Valencia's 2nd and 3rd goals. Usu...
Great game by Barcelona. Commentator got it wrong though when he says Messi got an assist on the Pedro goal. I think Pedro gets four touches on the ball which i...
Great game by Villa. Liverpool did well to get a point. Suarez going to the ground like he was shot by a sniper, but then again, it's Suarez, so no one is real...
Lkerun: which forward wouldn't have dived in that position? Any forward with a little sense of self respect (Suarez obviously doesn't mind people thinking he's...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Terrible time to buy players. No decent player with a chance of playing the World Cup will fancy a January move.
Diego Costa would be insanely expensive. Mandzukic is a great shout (Bayern have trouble holding on to players, Gomez and Luis Gustavo are proof of that). Berba...
Magnifique: Allez les Bleus! Great performance by France. I really wasn't expecting us to be this strong and willing to fetch victory. I remember comments of...
Hahaha. Good one! You almost got me there Connections (for a second I thought you were being serious)
That Germany can field a B-team and still manage to deserve their win against England is a mix of amazing and terrifying. Germany have very good odds of making ...
Nasri is a s**t, that's not news. People in France hate him (don't know why he would start over Cabaye). Ribery is something different. He may have his ego (Ro...
Ukraine probably deserved a win, but more of a 2-1 or 3-2 win than 2-0. There should have been a pen for France (and maybe another one for Ukraine) but that wo...
If France don't go to the World Cup, it won't be for Ribery's lack of trying. He was just about the only french player to be a threat to Ukraine. Watch the 36t...
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