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I understand the liverpool anger but you dont relegate ot punish a player for not wanting to sign a new contract. cases where players were benched or put in re...
5 minutes ago
Http:// maybe he's overrated ;)
5 hours ago
Yeah in your case i wouldn't call it bashing
6 hours ago
No more room on the bandwagon mate! jk
@jeroen it's possible they are the fastest recorded players, not all players will have these stats independently recorded by fifa. personally i think it is BS ...
7 hours ago
Just because we are linked to them doesn't mean we are after them or the players want to come here. also the window isn't even opened and we signed someone, i ...
Fans had been calling for evra's head for years. still great going forward but liability at the back when it comes to dealing with pace.
8 hours ago
We didnt sell pogba. he left on a free. juve compensates us for his training in our academy but that was for just under 300k or so.
Good job platini, dropping ffp standards so oily psg can buy ronaldo. what a joke.
9 hours ago
Lol whats the point of completing tests, you cant sign him for 6 months. probably bullshit. :P i think he only has 1 year left on contract? probably going this...
Lol this is exactly what i'm talking about, bashing/criticizing madrid or de gea's girlfriend because there are rumors of real madrid interest. stay classy lads...
Meh, i'm not too arsed. that's 140k per week for a player above 32 and past his physical peak. great player but not sure it would make financial sense
No don't give me that, people here slagging madrid, slagging his gf, no one made peace with the thought of him *possibly* leaving, people were already speaking ...
10 hours ago
Http:// so maybe the few of us in here who th...
Isn't that sahin's wife? her last name is sahin. don't see anything about mallorca, maybe we're getting stories mixed up.
11 hours ago
I was being lazy in how i worded that, not that he doesnt know anything about bundesliga opponents, but he doesnt play against typical bundesliga playstyle beca...
12 hours ago
Another chance for what? 1 more year? just delaying the inevitable.
13 hours ago
Bbc didnt confirm benitez has the position, but that he's a contender according to the press. at any rate it may suggest carlo is done.
We have to win a trophy, three barren years is a bit ridiculous for a club like utd. challenging for the title is the minimum league target quarter finals is...
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