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Oh fair point, i don't think you'd find fakes in a real puma store.
2 hours ago
They wont know s**t until he gets a scan, stop the fear-mongoring. he was going to have to miss at least 2 weeks of pre-season anyways, lets hope it isn't much ...
10 hours ago
You didn't have to replace Sanchez because he didn't have to be sold, you also didnt have to go for neymar at that price to replace villa. I'm not looking for ...
18 hours ago
You can stitch a name brand label on anything man just saying
That's another misconception, Rooney played about 4 games at cam. He was used in cm a lot when Carrick was out or to acco...
If i was a betting man i'd put money down on you guys signing him, ive been saying this for over a week now.
While we dont have anyone like hazard or fabregas, it's highly unrealistic he will explode at chelsea. he's not up to the pace and physicality of the league. he...
Maybe just making them sweat a little. A year from now Morgan would just have 1 year left on contract and this summer we seem to be the only bidders. i do thin...
1 day ago
Ok great i have to do damage control, cant a guy vent in peace? you'd have to be pretty slow to think i meant you were literally buying everyone, what i was g...
But doesn't it feel good to be on the path to debt free and being run like a proper responsible club??? :D would be a shame to undo all that good work and confi...
It's a real shame something like this happened. Well all I can do is thank you guys, I've never been a mod but I can imagine the time and energy spent putting ...
Am I still a rash gullible idiot for believing these rumors? Just checking. PS moratta confirmed talks with barca execs if anyone is keeping score.
You missed ed signing otamendi:
2 days ago
Maybe you're too naive to see to see the trajectory your club is taking in the transfer market jeoren. with the money you dropped on neymar (and then the scanda...
The japan pen was false too, the foul was outside the box.
Yeah these jerks are buying up everybody. their little ban set them in panic mode (lol they bought half a team just before the ban took affect last summer!) and...
Lol fee too high for Madrid? Doubt it. He did well but they buy stars at Madrid they don't develop them. if 7 million euro is "too much," it means they are not...
I might have to look at it again but i thought the striker was offsides.
3 weeks ago
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