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Wow whats your basis for saying giggs would NEVER be a good manager? pep's style of football is possession based. whats the point in toiling these years in pos...
2 hours ago
Ortho is basically the only surgery i'd be interested in though, they do a lot of cool stuff.
3 hours ago
The prognosis given is 6 months at least. i just hope he isn't rushing things to get back, as he is already putting weight on his leg and moving around with cru...
5 hours ago
For those wondering about the bandages under shaw's right knee: "Intramedullary nailing. The current most popular form of surgical treatment for tibial fractur...
Pep or giggs, otherwise there is no continuity imo. personally, i dont think giggs could possibly be ready
9 hours ago
I stand corrected
1 day ago
I would take out aguero for lukaku. sanchez for david silva. sanchez will get there eventually but he's had 2 good games out of 8. aguero hadnt scored until the...
2 days ago
He has 92 goals for arsenal? no chance.
That's not what i read, but maybe what i read added a spin. the article snipet was off of sky, benzema was saying ask benetiz why i keep getting hauled off, it'...
Unfortunately, clean break only means the bone didn't damage the surrounding tissue (take out muscle or break the skin). i don't think they ever revealed more d...
I have terrible luck with my captains. every week i choose the wrong options. i had 76 points this week and my captain only contributed 4 points. everyone who h...
3 days ago
Are those benzema quotes real? he's fed up at being subbed? what a baby
He's supposed to keep up his fitness work while he's out. will probably be doing weights and build his way up to some sort of cardio i would imagine - light yog...
Most of the team played 90 midweek, that's not an excuse. if he thinks basti and carrick are our best cm pair he needs to re-evaluate. morgan is the only real b...
Https:// really only bright spot from the game. wilson didn't do too badly either, he really needs minutes though.
4 days ago
You have to admit that was funny
Feel like cech deserves the credit. he did well today on that martial chance, and he made some top saves vs liverpool as well.
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