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I can't see Atlético losing it either, it will be a well deserved title, I wish them well in CL also.
3 days ago
Hilarious :D:D:D
This game was one of the most emotionally exhausting experiences in the history of modern football.
1 week ago
One step closer for Arsenal ...
The way Barca defense played the "cool ball" in the opening minutes when Atletico attack was clearly in beast mode, continuously and consistently stealing posse...
88 minutes of chances for Barca, no goal, no semi. Revenge in the final La Liga match for the league title, or reassertion of dominance of this season's Atletic...
Barca could not level it for 88 minutes. Well f**k me sideways, that's not the way to get through. I'd like to see Atletico dispose of Real in the semis, Guard...
2 weeks ago
Snelle just Watched
Chelsea Vs. PSG
Think. If you feel a force against your shin, a force going in the opposite direction of your movement, will you apply your own counter force to push through, o...
3 weeks ago
1 month ago
This is gonna be great. I think Real this year breaks Dortmund, Barca manages to get past Atletico, with Chelsea and PSG who knows what can happen, while Bayern...
Not me, Guardiola. It's almost as he's playing it safe, working with best possible team which has the technical ability and game understanding to put his ideas/...
No one mentioning Bayern vs Chelsea as a possibility? C'mon, two games of Pep vs Mourinho, this would be way better than any traditional derby/classico. Those d...
Respect, awesome comeback.
Too bad more players don't just decide to score, as van Persie did, as the decision is clearly enough to actually put the ball into the net.
A long shot if there ever was one (and primarily based on a lone recent good performance), but where do you stand on the possibility of Messi catching up with R...
Guardiola should get bored soon. 23 points advantage, that's bullying the competition, rubbing their inferiority into their faces. Go to EPL or raise a club fro...
I'll say Real cannot lose the title this year (in hope to jinx them of course) ... Let's say Barca wins El Classico and all remaining matches, Real draws one m...
@White: You are right about the pressing, Barca used to jump all over their opponent the moment the opposing player won the ball, with simultaneously reading wh...
Bayern's goal difference is ridiculous, only 9 goals conceeded in 21 games, that's just ... flabbergasting. (This ends hours of roaming the internet looking f...
I have that feeling too. They seem so beatable due to lack of plan B. When they're lost, they're lost. Their plan A works most of the time, but when it doesn't,...
2 months ago
4:0 ... What's the league record?
3 months ago
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