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Another 3 from Espanyol ...
3 months ago
Congrats Barca!
Bayern getting smacked all over the place.
Barca with only 19 goals conceded so far, that's mighty impressive. As is their attack trio ... Suarez is bringing so much to the team, what an awesome addition...
4 months ago
5th spot is totally reachable.
Arsenal 2nd :)
5 months ago
Make that by the end of the month. :)
6 months ago
Messi is going to outscore Ronaldo by the end of the season. Book it.
12 months ago
1 year ago
The form of the top three teams in their last three matches is jaw dropping. So many lost opportunities, so many chances given away and not taken advantage of ....
As it turns out if Barca wins, they would win the league on head-to-head result, not goal difference.
It's dead simple: if Barca wins the remaining two games, they win the league. It's amazing, all boiling down to one final game, do or die, whoever wins the game...
Points this round: Atletico 0 Barca 1 Real 1 Interesting.
I can't see Atlético losing it either, it will be a well deserved title, I wish them well in CL also.
Hilarious :D:D:D
This game was one of the most emotionally exhausting experiences in the history of modern football.
One step closer for Arsenal ...
The way Barca defense played the "cool ball" in the opening minutes when Atletico attack was clearly in beast mode, continuously and consistently stealing posse...
88 minutes of chances for Barca, no goal, no semi. Revenge in the final La Liga match for the league title, or reassertion of dominance of this season's Atletic...
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