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Holy sh*t are you one stupid bandwagon fan. You do realize ever since Mikel has come back from injury hes been your most consistent player, right? He puts in mo...
5 years ago
Regardless of what anyone says about this game, Villa-Boas is a class act.
6 years ago
2 footed challenge = red card. If he used just 1 of his legs, then yes it would have been a yellow. He dove in cleats first. If this is a red card: http://ww...
Please stop making Liverpool fans look like uneducated fools. You are entitled to your opinion, but when your goal is to troll, get the hell out. And on that...
My thoughts exactly. Bosingwa if anything deserved to get a free kick. The guy hes up against (SWP) pulls him down as hes falling and somehow Bosingwa was the o...
How in the world can Alvez try to argue that red card? That was a blatant foul. Chich isn't the biggest of players, but that was purely malicious, no attempt at...
Because its the MLS. The commentator who does the majority of the Sounders games is pretty good. But most MLS commentators are just painful to listen to. Espec...
Somewhere on FootyTube
If I was making 250k a week I'd do basically whatever the manager/staff asked of me. Just goes to show that greedy little gargoyles have a bit of an ego. And li...
Honestly, how stupid can you be Aduriz? The ref is right there and you stomp on someones foot? Lack of maturity combined with a bad temper is a bad combination.
I think Silva is one of the best players in the BPL. He is just amazing.
No excuses, we didn't play an amazing game, but the referee surely screwed us over... This should have been AT LEAST a 1-1 (assuming we scored a penalty). Ref...
This man just oozes class. What an incredible human being. Way to but that reporter in his place KKD!
I'm a huge Liverpool fan and I even think your comment is stupid Hamza. You do realize the amount of quality that is on München, right? Or do you just happen t...
Barton is a classless piece of sh*t. I actually think Barton, Gervinhio and Song all should have received red that game, though that may have been the lightest ...
Dear Colorado, Seattle would like Nyassi back. Thanks.
Still beats Alexi Lalas :)
To be honest Groundup, I think Song is probably your guys most underrated player. I've seen him play both CDM and CB and done incredibly well. Your defense is ...
Or maybe he does the thumb sucking thing for his child? What a concept... celebrating a goal for your kid. Way to jump to your own conclusions about something s...
7 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
That is the thing though. 'Fair play' isn't something people can necessarily agree upon. Diving isn't fair play, but it happens in the majority of games. Jersey...
I think anything might be better then Lucas...
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