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David James...Jerzy Dudek...Pepe Reina...Simon Mignolet!
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Simile and Metaphor a plenty….
GO USA. But we can only survive on poor opponent finishing and crappy refereeing for so long. About 20 years ago I predicted this would be the year we were fina...
I don't know - I thought the first goal should have stood. The player was checked into the keeper; he made contact only because the defender pushed him in the l...
And he was wearing man panties
Why is this so fascinating? Love it.
4 years ago
The US should have won that game. If only they weren't so shitty.
If I could have any keeper on my side, Howard's my #1 pick. He's a fricking stud. Turrets and all.
Looked like offsides on that second header, but not a good angle to judge.
I guess there was a good save at least...
That haircut's going to spread like wildfire.
Showing up the ref.
Alright, MLS is making top 5 next week. Weaksauce.
According to the FIFA rulebook on corners: "The ball is in play when it is kicked and moves" What constitutes movement? I didn't see movement, but movement ma...
5 years ago
Yeah, that's some ugly goalkeeping. Way to stick with it though.
Just wait til Morales is back. Good work Sounders!
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