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David James...Jerzy Dudek...Pepe Reina...Simon Mignolet!
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Simile and Metaphor a plenty….
5 years ago
GO USA. But we can only survive on poor opponent finishing and crappy refereeing for so long. About 20 years ago I predicted this would be the year we were fina...
I don't know - I thought the first goal should have stood. The player was checked into the keeper; he made contact only because the defender pushed him in the l...
And he was wearing man panties
Why is this so fascinating? Love it.
The US should have won that game. If only they weren't so shitty.
If I could have any keeper on my side, Howard's my #1 pick. He's a fricking stud. Turrets and all.
Looked like offsides on that second header, but not a good angle to judge.
I guess there was a good save at least...
That haircut's going to spread like wildfire.
Showing up the ref.
6 years ago
Alright, MLS is making top 5 next week. Weaksauce.
According to the FIFA rulebook on corners: "The ball is in play when it is kicked and moves" What constitutes movement? I didn't see movement, but movement ma...
Yeah, that's some ugly goalkeeping. Way to stick with it though.
Just wait til Morales is back. Good work Sounders!
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