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At first I was like: "GRAFITE-Who??!!??!! That was awesome!" Then I was like: "Iniesta's shouldn't even be nominated. If the award is for best goal, his shou...
8 years ago
Wow.... you are all idiots. have you ever dribbled a ball before?? Or are you four the type's to be like... oh, that wasn't that good... watch me watch me!!??
I agree--that guy's way better than some of their other choices.
Wow. I could have beat the Wolves this game. And, is it just me or is Foster better than this Kuczkyck (spell?) guy??? Man, it was like Man U was just running ...
Haha! Love to see the ol' Adebayor get beaten that easily... hilarious.
Did anyone notice that that wasn't a penalty??!! the keeper got the ball--but, oh wait, it's Ronaldo, so we better make the call for him.
For sure... they need to use the "fair play" clause in the rulebooks to offer a replay...
The game didn't only have a hand ball, but there were offsides, too!!! rubbish from France - why they haven't fired Domenech long ago, i'll never know. FIFA...
Your point assumes stupidly that fairness and excitement are mutually exclusive.
How can you hope that the big 4 stay as such? that's terrible--let's have some competition. and, of course, Birmingham had to play 10 or 11-man defense: their...
Very impressed by Burnley's last two goals--they wouldn't have been out of place on an Arsenal's pitch....
WHY DIDN'T PATO'S FIRST GOAL COUNT??? The penalty against Real was rather harsh, but that was an amazing goal by Pato. And then the ref hands him a yellow for...
Inter's second was offside! There it is again: the big teams get the ref on their side....
Of course it wasn't a penalty. that was a terrible decision and was only called because it was the fragile and whiny Ronaldo. he should grow a pair and realiz...
I hop ethere is a "witch-hunt" for Rooney now. we'll see if Man U gets their special treatment off the field like they do on it.... what does all that money an...
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