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Just my opinion but how would you like the pressure of a £50million price tag, added to the fact that you werent scoring well for liverpool, and then the media...
6 years ago
Yeah totally agree with what you've said, but its the media's way. We live in such a media controlled world, where if they report it, the majority of people ...
Dont you mean sports direct stadium??
Wouldnt want to describe how england play, might put him off...
Going out on a limb here but im going to say Luka Modric. Great passing, great vision. Doesnt always use flair but imo closest to zidane.
Are you serious?
I don't know, I like Harry, Least he is straight to the point..
*cough* abramovichs money *cough* Have you guys won a champions league yet... Pretty sure liverpool have...
Do chelsea stand to make anything from it??
I didnt know if it was previously... or currently.. My bad
Jaunde Ramos, Rafa Benitez & Jose Mourinho..
By the way Joe Hart is England number one until he says so! nobody else deserves it. I couldn't rate him higher.. Even though he plays for you guys
I have considered milner, but what worries me is that he isnt getting regular game time. he is the one man i feel that can replace the crossing of Beckham, obvi...
Yes mate, hoping he can continue. When it comes to richards, I think at times his positional play comes into question..
1. Man Utd 2. Man City 3. Chelsea 4. Tottenham 5. Liverpool 6. Arsenal 7. Newcastle
Totally in agreement. Walcott's pace is a major threat to any side he plays against, and if Arsene Wenger paid 12 million for him says it all (for those of y...
A few in reply.. Robson, Taylor, Venables, Hoddle, Keegan, Eriksen, Mclaren. These men before couldn't do it, i dont think the whole thing can be blamed o...
I wasnt questioning JT, i agree with you that he always gives his all whether for england or chelsea.. Also wasn't saying that the style of play in the premier ...
Im more of the luka modric, nothing to flash just keeping the ball flowing and rarely misplacing a pass, mainly because its not often i pass longer than 15 yard...
Was the guy who made this video a celtic fan??
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