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SmallCar nominated Fernando Torres (11') for Goal of the Week
Nope..i saw some ugly ghost showing thumb up~ eik~
Look hazard..he looks hazardous to you all..~!^.^
I just realized that in this comment for this video~MU fans bark the most!
Stupid~~ you dont realized how young our squad compared to your reserve..then which club is more prospect?
Stupid~!! referees are professional? even your SAF professional kicking boot to beckham..just accept it..a person referred as SIR can do something like this, wh...
Haha..MU fans..Reddevilz306 " i wouldnt wanna watch a fixed league fellas ft are so full of idiots and dainvincible"..if you really dont want to watch fixed mat...
Erm~sorry ya..that trio is youngster and also our main squad..kindergarten child beating old man in soccer..~~please give me a like!
Dont be silly~ Torres 9 goals in 11 appearances against Barca..INCREDIBLE TORRES..pity you~!
They are not chelsea thought everyone in chelsea all senior squad..haha..forgive them..they just lost an opportunity to fill in their cabinet..!
Haha..your bench old man~ we let our young squad against you~ looks how young our squad was~~haha
Yeah yeah..~old guy vs young squad.~ we will let you f**k if you playing with 13players against us..!
Herlo MU fans..are you sure want to get 3 points than a cup? this might be the last chance for you to fill in your cabinet this season..dont get empty handed li...
It's not a stronger line up~ it's just couple of young player from chelsea..looks at their age~
Yeap~~won with 13players~! world record due! but pity with you all..if you all really need 3 points..then maybe we can give you if you beg for us..but not with ...
MU are nothing without pus*sy~
MU fans still cannot accept the facts they are winning with 13 players..but im proud of them! maybe total 19 trophy, about half was playing with 13players for w...
OoO~ i really hope they will fall to 2nd division because of bribing~just like Juven
Dont care about other game..just keep your eyes open..or~~ are you somehow blind or some kinds of natural unable? just see that goal you will know offside or on
He just got the s**t out of his quickly blame we as fans..but mind not..they just rode the lucky time~9 vs 13 we gonna win?
They are just watching the game blindly..~ everyone in the game plays role..torres is one of them..instead relying on one man to score, why not create more chan...
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