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The idea that Neymar isn’t joining PSG for the money is as stupid as the idea that the reason he went back on his deal with Real Madrid was because he loved B...
10 months ago
I agree. With a game in hand we've been handed a great opportunity to win La Liga again. We've certainly gained the upper hand. Hands down this is the best opp...
1 year ago
I guess Casemiro could have avoided Keylor's mistake just by using his mind. lol Despite the fact everyone makes a concerted effort to pretend Kroos isn't play...
Marcos Llorente is absolutely killing it at Alaves. I didn't think he needed to loaned out and his showing why. Playing beyond his experience and quite frankly...
Another so-so performance. Played really good in spots. Hopefully the team can build on the good moving forward. Zidane needs to use Isco and James wayyy more...
^^ To be clear, I'm just speaking for myself, not the entire fandom.
I swear more matches like these and I'm going to end up taking anger management classes by the end of the year. Zidane still has alot to do to convince me that...
Good to see you again!!
Hala Madrid!!
Good game control, good ball movement, loads of chances, 5 goals in 60 minutes and a solid defensive structure that only showed fissures once Madrid took their ...
Let me expand on a post I made below... My main problem with Casemiro is that I don't want him to do well. Not because I don't like him but because when he doe...
I'm sorry Pejvl, but you're revising history here like crazy. Kroos played DM from day one and pretty much KILLED IT from the get-go. Absolutely killed it. I r...
I'm going to say this now that we're winning so later on nobody can say I only talk sh*t when we loose. I know everyone loves Casemiro but I don't. We're never...
Looks like Mariano will stay as 3rd striker on the squad. The team website already lists him with jersey number #18. Well deserved.
@DTaDiablo I wasn't calling anyone out. I was replying to a comment he made lower in the page in which he called me a liar. An accusation I felt the need to...
You go at anyone that says anything negative about the Tax Evader. And yet I'm supposed to be the one that tries to force my opinion on other people. hahahaha ...
So my little 5 year old nephew walks in with a brand new Barcelona jersey. I play act that I'm really upset and he, to make feel better, tells me that the only...
@SanchezAlexis Messi tried to deflect attention from his pathetic performance with Argentina (another one) by claiming he was retiring. A retirement that, by ...
If it was a 'momentary lapse' why didn't he come out the next day and say so? Or in the next few days? Could it be that he was enjoying everyone feeling sorry ...
I think Messi threw himself a little pity party. He knew he was going to catch hell for failing once again with Argentina so he 'retires'. And instead of the w...
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