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Pogba is a superior talent. Plus we already got Casemiro.
19 hours ago
I wonder if Gareth Bale realizes that madridistas around the globe are actually tuning into a WALES v N.IRELAND just for him. lol
20 hours ago
I think James already has a foot out the door. And Kroos is untouchable.
Ah, theres the outrage. Let it flow. I called him a clown because he knows his news agency is banned from asking questions to Ronaldo. Furthermore, media isn'...
4 days ago
Yeah cause Pique, a Catalonian pro-independence, will admit to giving the Spanish national anthem the middle finger and risk a sh*t storm that would probably en...
Talk about proving my I think the video shows how he saw the camera, waited for it to be in a good position to see his right hand and then flipped t...
Alight guys, so I'm waiting for the exorbitant amount of outrage for Pique giving the middle finger during Spain's national anthem. I'm waiting for the bleedin...
I mostly agree with your Morata assessment before he left for Juventus. But you gotta understand, dude was anxious as hell to impress and make a mark on the te...
5 days ago
Slim updated their profile
I have to be honest I had no idea just how much some people took Real Madrid winning their 11th Champions League like a gigantic dildo up the a*s. And the fact...
1 week ago
What did he say that you found so offensive?
Monster photo.
2 weeks ago
I actually really liked the red kit. I have it with Ozil on the back. All the kits from that year were really cool. A rare feat by Adidas.
I love our new away kit for next season. Taking it back to a classic tone.
3 weeks ago
As soon as I saw Sport I threw up in my mouth a little bit.
Unless Franco's minions came out and forged Messi's signature on those documents than any talk of a conspiracy is just flat-out stupid. If the charges laid aga...
Looks like Madrid will bring back Morata. What should they do? Keep him or sell him for a sh*t ton of money?
Haha everything is a conspiracy, right? The prosecutor is just doing his job. Messi put his name on documents that indicate fraud and now he has to answer for ...
Just re-watched the game. Pepe in ultra beast mode. Capping off what has been a great year for him. Too bad no one will ever talk about it. His extra curricula...
Just heard an interesting take from an ex-lineman as to why the line-man didn't call off-side in the first goal. Basically he said that its because the lineman...
4 weeks ago
What up white vikings? Thought I'd drop by and say hello on this most joyous of days. 11 and counting. Hala Madrid Y Nada Mas!!!!
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