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Martin Ødegaard will have his first training session (as a RM player) tommorrow.
8 hours ago
Arda Turan was like "I don't even like this shoe!!!" lol
10 hours ago
I didn't see the name, I just saw the post and said to myself "who's this clown picking at old wounds" lol Welcome back!
2 days ago
Two words: Zinedine Zidane. You think Zizou being Carlo's second last season and coaching Castilla this season is coincidence? Zidane will be training Madrid ...
Slim updated their profile
3 days ago
Callejon is Madrid material through and through. His just not starting material. And since he knew he would never be more than an impact sub at Madrid he made t...
S**t day, s**t game, s**t performance. But at least we got the 3 points. Ronaldo, I hope you're ready for the shitstorm thats about to befall from those who w...
4 days ago
I remember seeing Córdoba a couple weeks ago vs Barcelona and they were an absolute disgrace. Don't let today's performance fool you. They'll be s**t again ne...
The thing is people quoting the 80K per week story are quoting it wrong. The original story said it was pounds which would be over 100k in euros. Anybody in th...
I appreciate you understanding. Cheers.
5 days ago
Fair enough, I'll delete your comment. I removed the parts I did because I could just see it starting a fight. I'm glad you understand. Cheers :) Tanmay
I have no problems with you being a Barcelona supporter. I have no complaints in that department. Far from it. From what I have seen you are nothing but fair a...
Mate, don't make this an ego issue. You have two options: (1) Either you disagree with my decision to moderate and tell me why you do, or (2) accept what I have...
Hi again, I understand the rules. If I write something that is deemed by you (a moderater) as rude or offensive I totally understand if you delete it. Thats yo...
I'm not going to edit my edits for your convenience. If you don't appreciate your thoughts being edited, perhaps you should think before posting. This is not in...
Hi Tanmay. It's actually 2pm were I live so no chance of a late night rant. lol I have request. Can you please just erase my whole comment instead. If it can...
^^ Because Florentino Perez runs the club. Not the fans. And thank god for that. Proof: If it had been up to the fans Benzema would have been sold a looooong ...
Aaaand it's official.
Isco won't be available for tommorrow's game.
Khedira is almost certainly leaving in June along with Illarra if he doesn't end up leaving in this winter window. Modric? Not a chance. Not to mention he sig...
I keep reading whether or not Odegaard, son of Odin, will be able to live up to the hype thats been created around. Now, while thats a fair question I'm more ...
6 days ago
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