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If they're called right I could give a sh*t if their 5, 50 or 100.
1 day ago
Lol When I growing up I was a skinny kid and my nickname (among others) back home was 'flaco' which roughly translates to 'slim' in english. Eminem also being...
Nay, I live in Newcastle. And yes it'd be cool to meet up.
Obviously without knowing what will happen in the future all I can tell you guys is that in Spain it's no secret that Madrid like and have had an eye on De Gea ...
I'm really excited. It's like when I got see Eminem live (my other childhood passion) a couple of years ago. And the good thing is that apart from the Copa Ame...
2 days ago
Rejoice!!! Real Madrid is coming to Australia next July to play the International Champions Cup. Finally, after years of waiting I'm going to get to see my bel...
At this point I think Marco Verratti is a more likely option than Gundogan if Madrid were to make another midfield signing. And don't forget Pogba.
3 days ago
Madrid tried to sign him last season but was told to wait another year (this summer). If it wasn't for his injury he'd be in Madrid now.
Sergio Ramos perfecting his penalty kick.
4 days ago
For the idiots that try to reduce Ronaldo to just being a great athlete. Truly the Michael Jordan of football.
5 days ago
@Alirezafcb uhm Robben was sold he didn't ask to leave. Same with Sneijder. FYI
6 days ago
..or coming out like a maniac to clear a ball. It's all nice and good until the day it costs Germany or Bayern an important game and then we'll see just how 'r...
1 week ago
F**k*ng November has returned yet again to claim another victim. We always have a serious injury around this time of year. 2014 - Modric 2013 - Khedira (tore h...
Boo-hoo-f**k*ng-hoo The only reason Neuer is getting PUSHED for the Ballon d'Or (emphasis on the word PUSHED) is that no German outfield player can compete wit...
Wait a minute. I thought Florentino Perez had kicked Di Maria out to make way for one of his 'indulgences' in James Rodriguez. Turns out it was money. Just lik...
In the last press conference Ancelotti said he was thinking about maybe using Isco even further back in midfield in place of Modric or even Kroos seeing how muc...
Initial reports say between 3-5 weeks out.
Laporta had dinner in Madrid with super agent Jorge Mendes who among his hundreds of clients are Mourinho and Ronaldo. That's were the rumour started.
I was always confident Kroos would fit like a glove in this position. Just like Pirlo did back in the day. Admittedly the transition came a little sooner than ...
You put... "haha... funny story" From that I took that you didn't believe it and thought, like I, that the story was a joke. So no it was not directed at you...
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