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Piszczek is a RB. The names I've read are Ricardo Rodriguez, Faouzi Ghoulam, Alberto Moreno and Alex Telles. But they could just as well not sign anyone,
2 days ago
So Illarra is going back to Sociedad for 16m plus variables which can take the final amount to 20m. Considering he cost 32m is not a complete disaster. Talente...
3 days ago
3 weeks later I'm still waiting for someone to point out how much we're missing Benzema up front....but, I'll just keep sipping on this tea.
5 days ago
Lol Just because you're a footballer does not mean in any way, shape or form that you're automatically a consummate professional or incapable of lying. You ge...
6 days ago
I do mind but I'll tell you anyway. Its just Madrid press. Radio, papers, TV shows. Beat writers that follow the day to day of Madrid drop comments that have hi...
1 week ago
I wish this transfer window would end already so we can focus on the season. At the moment I'm still in new signings mode.
Real Madrid insiders have said as much. Sources inside the club have said as much. You trace his injuries these last 2 years and you see a pattern. Trains all...
Oh come on RealFan. The things I've read about players like Illarra or Benzema from users on this board and no one says anything. Now we need to rally around C...
@Malik Didn't Di Maria miss the final in the end due to injury? lol If anything Madrid was just advising him not to risk his health. As the club that covered...
Please. Its one thing to be negative, its another not to live in Disneyland. In what world is missing out on 10 of millions of Euros in transfer fees something...
I know the summer is transfer rumors time but what the hell is up with these never ending Benzema to Arsenal stories? Fake tweets, fake instagram photos of Be...
I guess that's one way to spin being terrible at negotiating. lol What else? Thiago was a thank you to Pep for his years of service?
So Coentrao has asked to leave. I think I might actually start crying. According to AS Alex Telles from Galatasaray is a candidate to replace him.
Yeah but not from a single reputable source. I don't get it. This will go down as the biggest fake transfer story of the summer. They've been harping about it...
So Marco Asensio is getting loaned out to Espanyol. What a shame. Understandable but a shame. This kid looked like he was ready to contribute now to the first t...
I think it makes sense.
So... Pedro to Chelsea. Who saw that coming? lol LvG screws up another signing for Man Utd. smh
Funny how you conveniently forget that Pique got sent off in that game for a last man foul, denying clear goal scoring opportunity. Is that not a straight red?
This p*sses me the f**k off. Please don't generalize. The fans that boo are a small but loud minority. And the car kicking incident was one idiot that has be...
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