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It's pretty simple. When Ronaldo takes a free-kick if the ball doesn't go in then its considered a miss. Multiply that by 51 attempts and BAM!!! you get that st...
4 months ago
^ I'd be angry with him and might even call him a couple of names but I wouldn't demand he be benched.
Carvajal and Danilo as our RBs next season? Awesome.
The 2nd leg is set up real nicely for some upsets.
5 months ago
Ancelotti said he'll be ready for Barcelona but he'll play before then. I think Bilbao is a good bet.
^^ What are you talking about? I just posted two stats with no opinion whatsoever or any reading as to what they might mean.
Penalties awarded since 08/09 in the Champions League. Barcelona - 16 Bayern Munich - 16 Arsenal - 14 Real Madrid - 11 Chelsea - 10 FC Porto - 8 You're welco...
No team has had more opposing players sent off (29) than Barcelona in Champions League history.
You can tell Florentino Perez was at the basketball final watching the basketball team beat Barcelona. Did you see how the refs were acting crazy today?
@SA I wouldn't say that. Pacquiao may be past his prime but his still pretty good. It's not like he's a shot fighter with nothing left in the tank. Not to me...
Why Mayweather ducked Pacquiao for so long only he really knows. This fight should have happened 5 years ago. In my opinion, Mayweather didn't want to take the...
I read the cheapest seats are about 1k dollars and 5k for ringside. I get the feeling the PPV for this one is going to be crazy. Over 5 years waiting, I'm p*s...
Modric back in training is best news in a long time. Fabio back in training as well. I'm taking bets on how long before he goes down injured again. I'm saying...
He started using a 4-2-2-2 which played more like a 4-2-4 during the game which I hated because we had no wing presence aside from Marcelo and Ramos who were fu...
I agree. All you have to do is go into the Barcelona page during a Madrid or Barca game and it's basically a 9/11 conspiracy website. Top to bottom.
Franky, You still havent't got over that 'context' post have you? It must have cut deep, man. I'm flattered. lol You literally throw that 'context' line at me...
@WhiteII I think its incompetency. Because theres such a huge media spotlight on the case when it comes to Madrid I think they'd rather not get involved and si...
@St1or Madrid is appealing the 5th yellow which if overturned means he can play this weekend. He'd still be on 4 yellows, though.
Haha Leave it to the dynamic duo of franky and Sanchez to get their panties in a bunch over a little bit of trivia. oh and SanchezAlexis Why don't you provide...
I'm not suprised. If you look at the track record of these comittees you'll see they've made all sorts of decisions that makes them unpredictable.. Clear mist...
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