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1 hour ago
The idea of a set Starting XI is so 80s. You know the type you recite by memory. 11 good players won't win anything. A squad will. Nowadays if you don't have a...
8 hours ago
^^ No way in hell thats right. Barcelona have spent way more than that in the last 5 years. Even with pounds conversion you're figure is wayyyy off. So either...
16 hours ago
The first reply is just proof that if you repeat a lie a million times it becomes the "truth"
The Joker has a point...
Kris Kroos in da house!!! lol
Slim updated their profile
2 days ago
James is class. Has been for the last few years. The thing is who here follows the Portuguese or French league closely? Hardly anyone myself included. But list...
Just a couple of things: 1. James Rodriguez had no release. 2. Unless France was conquered by England in the recent past France still deals in Euros not Poun...
For everyone sweating over Isco just know that his people have already said he has no plans of leaving. Remember that when he signed a year ago a certain Özi...
3 days ago
I miss Puyol...
Di Maria has vacations until the 5th of August like Kroos, Khedira and Marcelo regardless of any potential transfer.
Well you're discussing the reasons why Alexis left. Did he want to leave? Did Barcelona want to sell him? Well I'm telling you he HAD to leave to make money fo...
4 days ago
You guys do know that the sales of Alexis & Cesc were used to fund Luis Suarez transfer, right? I mean you do know that?
..aaannnd Casemiro is off to FC Porto on a year long loan. and now Morata http://www....
El Confidencial is reporting that Sami Khedira has had a change of heart during these last few days and that he wants to continue at Real Madrid and, in fact, e...
Under normal cirumstances Toni Kroos would be an impossible signing to carry out. Due to his quality, age, potential, where he comes from (Bayern) etc. Bayern...
I think people are mixing information with personal desires.
Kroos first day in Madrid.
5 days ago
^^ I didn't see any schnitzel...
So Toni Kroos picked #8. Great number worn by legends like Michel and Mijatovic. Not to mention other germans who played for Madrid like Breitner and Schuster. ...
Diego's agent a couple days ago to MARCA: "Diego isn't going anywhere" "He is going to work hard like last season to convince the coaching staff he can be the...
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