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4 years ago
Sia007 wrote in On Skyblues wall
Whtzapp cuzz how are you ??
7 years ago
Do you see your name anywhere in my comment above Pkhakeria?
The moment Patrick starts scoring everyone jumps the "Viera Bandwagon"... love it!
Kids a punk... probz didn't even watch the game. City played thier hearts out and put up a great fight. Ignorant goofs like him to stfu!
City will make up for thier slump... relax. Rome wasn't built in a day. Give the Bosnian time. Viera is not a flop and no he doesn't need to retire.
@Realfool220 Once again you fail to understand... loll. Where in my comment above did I say Nilmar and/or Benzema are the face of thier countries!?!? With that ...
He plays in for Man-City EDS. Those game are not shown in the tele usually. I read it on a blog and saw his name here and there on the EDS news..
Starting from the back... this is what I would like to see... J.Cesar(GK) D.Alves(LB), T.Silva(CD), D.Luiz(CD), Rafael(RB) Lucas(LM), Anderson(M), Rami...
@Realfan220... No s**t Sherlock! I know its France vs Brazil. Benzema (French), Nilmar (Brazilian)... Would you like me to break it down even smaller than that!...
I heard Andrea Mancini played a great game against Liverpools RES.. I must say it would be something special if he ever made a break through to the first team! ...
I miss you too buddy (L) how was party:P lol hahaha
Miss ya cuz!!!
Lol you guys should've seen Vinnys face... It looked like he wanted to lay someone out after that goal... I'm assuming it was the ref lolll!
The kid says Barry is a terrible player and I think otherwise. Done. My opinion stays and so will his... that is all. Thanks for the welcoming Footy... been ...
Haha, that was a amazing game!!! loll I love how it ended with ther Serbian scoring! I hope Cardiff City goes through.... Bellemy vs Tevez!? lol
Terrible!?!?!? Wow, harsh words from a City fan... He gave us soo much last season... And now that he's having a tough season you wanna go s**t on him!?!? Somet...
Haha I love how Jo-flop was open in the box but Miler gave the ball to someone else! LOLL
Do you watch the majority of the City games!? No... I thought so. Gareth is doing well... he’s not the best City player out there but good enough to be part o...
Aapp.. here comes Jo-flop! Makes something outta nothin bud!!!
I surely believe Guiseppe Rossi is the type of attacking force Italy needs. I hope we see him in the Euro cup... that kid makes plays mold together and further ...
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