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I really hate that Gio goal. Don't get me wrong, it was a brilliant chip but Brasil's right-back allowed it to happen with that arrogant defending. Yeah, don't...
6 years ago
Sczcesny isn't a crap keeper though, lol.
By the way, I was fuming during this last game. Bermuda was trying to defend by hacking down our players. Gomez took a precise hit, the foul on Donovan was bad,...
I'd rather have Dempsey behind Altidore so he can feed and supplement him. Same role at Fulham I think. I agree with the formation though, especially Bradley a...
We don't need "more mexi immigrants" as you put it, especially not now. The set-up US Soccer has now is great and our current crop of players proves it; it just...
Okay. I'll just continue to use my common sense; you enjoy the implication UEFA give you all the decisions due to bribing, favoritism, or both.
No, no he hasn't.
Please refrain from using this argument, as United supporters we receive this god-awful argument time and time again...
I agree whole-heartedly; it's a shame they don't accept that some of the players have no right to wear Madrid's shirt. They don't know the concept of losing so ...
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9 years ago
Why not the US soccer emblem? That'd be better, I think.
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