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It not more important than the league.. u know Real Madrid has no chance at the league title.
5 years ago
If u think Messi is a poacher, u might need football dictionary to tell you what a poacher is. Take Messi out of Barcelona, and see how many point Barca will a...
Why did Reina come out?? I don't know if it's because i don't have millions, but it someone paid me millions to play for a team, stupid s**t like this will be e...
Chelsea scored some amazing goals in this game
This highlight is poor
Is there any team C.Ronaldo wouldn't score against? lol.
United got robbed two goals. But amazingly no one cares when the calls does not favor United. Only when it goes for United, that is when the world become offic...
It's 3-1 they need to fix that.
Mourihno looks lonely
I guess if you are a fan of a team, you can't watch other teams play, unless they are playing your team. lol #senseless
Where in the rules did you read that? There is no time limit for cards, or fouls. Professional players already know the rules. Its part of being a 'professional...
Did you say Everton? lol
Best what? plsyer? striker? lol. you must have missed the season
Rooney needs to work on his penalty kicks.. His record is looking terrible. It is minf boggling that he is still allowed to take PK's for a team like Man United
Poor judgement by Koscielny, it wasn't a guaranteed goal. Now you are banned from other games, and Chelsea is up next. .. And to top this all off, u lost the ga...
'bad day at the office' - Walters
'bad day at the office' - Walters
I am afraid to read that long post, and figure out that he made a stupid point. So i will not read it. lol
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