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5 years ago
Bayern got to stay alert every sec
6 years ago
Yes it would be good to have him start in the early in the 2nd half in case things arent going well.
I saw ur picture steve ur like pinokio, u pale, and u got a huge nose dude lol. wonder for now... anyway Bayern will be meister mr steve pinokio.
Haha You can't even speak proper Farsi,but I like people with passion.
Man bokone nanatam. kosse mamaneto mikharunam vasash.
Boro ba gondei mahaletun begu biad:/
Ur stupid
Schalke is right behind us if we win we will be 2nd. i dont want to talk about the other if scenario.
Thanks for the Obvious, I wonder when Bayern is having a good run, why u never start Observing Bayern? Its not over, this nonesense results will end now.
Emre Can needs time, lets see if he can prove himself worthy.
Bayern Fans, My guts tell me that Saddjyr and Vandervart are the same man. I recall he arguing this too and calling upon his friends that is the opposite of him...
Good Lord I just Cannot Agree More! ppl are just jelous of his abilities sometimes and complain of him being predictable lool how foolish...
Im certain, Robben will reach his highs again, then he will simply be the best player in the Bundesliga again.
Im happy about the end result. Robben is improving more and more toward his real self. the one we got to know in 2010 ;)
Its funny how im still here even when im logged off. Steve got a point. I kept telling u guyz to Stick together and Support the team even on a rainy day, but he...
I think Klose time was simply over @ Bayern.
Robben shouldve played. Robben is already behind, he needs to catch up to his form.
Alireza these ppl are kids, they learned Football from video games, they bouncha kids, i know ur right.
By purchasing Xherdan Shaqiri for next Season, I think the Pressure got even higher for Ribery, Robben, Muller, Kroos to stay Fit and show and prove themselves ...
FC Bayern is as Strong as it gets with the current circumstances. Since 2000, Germany as whole Football nation, celebrated 1 glory @ the International Level and...
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