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4 years ago
Andre won't be missed?!
Speechless! Even though they are just 1st leg matches, the German sides are clearly dominating the European scene. What a shift this is. These two games were s...
How the f**k did this happen!?
5 years ago
What a talent Coutinho is
SimonK thought the Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur match was awesome
Might be how good Bale is
TL;DR for u kids :)
I watched the replay a couple of times. What I see is... 1. Nani unintentionally collides with Arbeloa, stud high into the chest 2. After the collision, Nani p...
Nani might not have done it intentionally but no doubt the kick was dangerous.
Acquiring Coutinho was indeed a great move by Liverpool!
Good to see Park finally back on squad.
Barca doesn't seem as dominant as before. Not to mention that Real Madrid did very well in 2 consecutive games. This time even without their best 11 starting.
Perhaps Mourinho was bored so he went home early
He'll come back (*cough* against weaker teams *cough*) after playing 2 more matches (ACM, RM)
Watching Messi Goalless, priceless.
Munich was just too good. 0 excuse for the Gunner's loss. I want to believe Arsenal still has a chance which is unreal. Especially against such a superior team.
Liverpool was scary as always
OMG Hazard.. huge disappointment
Silva just toooooooooooooo good
It's safe to say Liverpool is slowly crawling back to where they used to be. If Henderson and Downing can perform like this more often, 4th spot will be an eye ...
Luis did no good but the officials should've pointed that out, make the goal void. I feel sorry for Mansfield but the blame need to go to the refs. Whatsoever,...
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