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Witsel isn't very well known yet, but i can assure you he is a world class player, plus he's only 23. There are VERY few young midfielders at his level right no...
That's absolutely crazy! It's so easy to jump on the "AVB sucks" bandwagon these days... He had a bad run at Chelsea that's undeniable, but the spurs have got o...
@Stawrogin Yes! What a disgrace it would be to have a diving team in the finals, thankfully it was SPAIN that got through!... LMAO
@Donchino 1 - Spain are boring, very, very boring.. 2 - You Barça fans have to be the most arrogant on earth. The fact that you qualify England's match plan as...
@Barcachick Please go away, you are the worst stereotype of a Barça fan ever..
@Barcachick please..oh please stop the ronaldo vs. messi tunnelvision comments already! Really you sound like crazed cult followers, enough is enough.. And real...
@Ratboi9000 Well that's all fine and dandy except this: "Germany and Denmark actually played well defensively and subdued Ronaldo and made him look average." Se...
6 years ago
I have to say i loved Poland's participation in this Euro. Even though they got their ticket by being hosts, they played their hearts out and showed they are a ...
@Cheersmate: Your arguments all come down to.. sour grapes. If you understand just a liiiittle bit of football you know Portugal was unarguably the best team in...
Enough with the excuses, Chelsea's playing on 3 fronts? Well guess what? Benfica's playing on 3 fronts too.. aand was playing with 10 for 50 minutes.. so please...
Tbh we didn't have to wait for the semi's for 2 legs of BS from uefa ref's.. I won't even mention last night, but why hav FIVE referees on the field if not a si...
Just lol... i think you got issues m8 ;)
Yes he was offside, that's for sure. But "a thousand miles"...really?? Notice how not a single PSV player even raised an arm about it? And please, PSV lost 4-1 ...
7 years ago
Indeed, Benfica's still failing to show any quality football this season especially on away games and can't expect to do well in the CL like this. Still we have...
To be honest the rule is hardly ambiguous: if the offside player is standing in the line between the ball and the keeper at the time the shot is made, then he i...
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