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More rubbish on Fulham and less awesome on City. The PK was a terrible play by defender, own goals speak for themselves, and Aguero torched the defense for a mo...
2 years ago
Funny though that at like 2:18 when the guy fakes the kick the defender is like "Contain, contain, contain,". Then he gets passed. LOL
After watching this, I feel like going through the city megging people with a boombox playin Outkast. Great vid
Bale looks like he can take on a whole team by himself sometimes. Fastest white man alive. : P
I'm kind of the same way with Tottenham.. I more than respect how Tottenham has been able to shake up the status quo the past couple of years, considering they'...
Lol I got Bent and Defoe mixed up. I remember Bent had a falling out with Tottenham and went to Sunderland. Idk I wrote Bent for some reason... : / Brain fart.
And what a joke that people think Balotelli was purposely tryin to hurt the guy. Haters runnin rampant... It's very clear that he wasn't trying to stomp the guy...
Kudos to Tottenham for putting up a real fight. It could have easily been their 3 points. Darren Bent class as always and Bale=beast. These Tottenham and City g...
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