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I have 97 points even without falcao and hazard (who are my star players)
He always plays well against us, but that doesn't mean he only plays well against us. If Fletcher can't fully recover (I hope he will), I wouldn't mind United g...
Kagawa was a joy to watch. And not only his passing, his off the ball movement and work rate impressed me as well. Cleverly was good but should have taken a sh...
Thanks for the add! Hope you have a great time at footytube, cheers :)
37 and still trying to improve his tackling skills! True professionalism :p
As it should be ;)
Maybe I wasn't clear enough: We don't need a Sugar Daddy to pay for players. + When we bought Rooney in 2004 we were debtfree
True but at least we pay with our own money :)
Agreed, I think we don't really need another winger for at least 3-4 years (if no one leaves of course), so he would be wasting his talent on the bench most of ...
I wish I had done that after Spain scored the first lol. I'm hoping for Germany or Portugal to win it.
At least with one team "parking the bus" there's one attacking team and one trying to counter-attack. With Spain it's all about possession after they scored 1 ...
No doubt!
I think PES 13 will be the first PES-game I'm going to buy since I'm not a big fan of Fifa 12. And yeah FIFA 10 was definitely the game I enjoyed the most (exc...
It was Dembele
Indeed you shouldn't apologise for writing this "essay". It was really interesting to read, so thank you, sir : )
Apparently we're about to sign Jelle Vossen en Maarten Martens. Would be a real improvement for the team. Imo these are the kind of signings that could give us...
Yeah but their defense looks vulnerable at times. Especially Evra looks very poor this season. Anyway offensively they look very strong.
@ClassicMovies please stop generalizing fans so easily. If you would have said that his comment was useless, I would've agreed.
Evans if you qualify him as a young player, with a close second Welbeck.
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