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His touchline reaction is starting to get annoying. It's perfectly okay to do it during special moments, but every single goal? It starts to feel silly.
6 hours ago
Contract moves already? He must be gone before third season syndrome occurs. If we still love him, just hire him again after he is gone.
15 hours ago
Lol you should know the word "fan" comes from fanatic right? Meaning someone who is unconditionally devoted to what he/she supports. People who switches clubs s...
23 hours ago
Lol should've said that the first time. It seems we are winning those 4-0 games by stamina the way we only managed to score more goals until we wear them down. ...
2 days ago
A shame we didnt make use of their poor form. But we continued their poor form nonetheless, just 1 win in their last 5 games.
The perfect wedding of football style and title is a rarity. Nowadays it is mostly those stubborn ones who dwell inside their philosophy and win nothing and the...
Moyes saying that City quote alone deserve sacking.
6 days ago
Damn, without the big guys Liverpool might stand a chance against us.
1 week ago
Golden video
Rashford one was good too. But Martial's nutmeg was brutal. He ended Diouf's career earlier this season and now destroyed Townsend's confidence 😭😭 Hope t...
PL refs need serious help for obvious reasons
It will certainly affect the flow of play but for the sake of justice. From what I've seen so far, unless the main ref stops the play, unnoticed foul reviews ...
It is understandable leagues hesitate on VAR this season, but with Budesliga and Serie A using it every week and with the World Cup coming up, PL should use it ...
Video Assistant Referee may still need plenty of improvement, but watching Bundesliga using it actively each week, like spotting shirt pulling in penalty area, ...
2 weeks ago
Monaco is playing in Ligue 1, I dont see a problem with Barca playing in La Liga after this
Ancelotti is a pure winner
If they sack Klopp now, will Ancelotti take the job? Just wondering.
Also once in every few games they can have 30+ shots and cant claim 3 points.
At least we were both good enough to have bus parade in the recent decade
Think you mix us up with some club. We prefer celebrating actual trophies, we dont brag about almost-won-it or runners-up trophies. Top-of-the-league trophy is ...
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