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Its great to have Mata and Herrera, both are so cheerful, they always say nice things about others and cheer the fans and players up. Falcao must be frustrated ...
4 hours ago
Shiwa updated their profile
18 hours ago
Its about time, other athletes have been learning Yoga and Judo to learn to control their bodies, learn how to fall properly without getting injured and it prov...
Stats? What stats? The stats that shows he have 49% successful tackling, 69% committed fouls in contrast to fouls suffered, 40% successful take on, 61% successf...
1 day ago
Is it Anderson's clothes making him look slimmer than he used to or he's just slimmer?
If the player have the choice when they received offers from managers, will they choose Moyes over LVG, Pellegrini, Mourinho, Wenger or even oversea Pep, Ancelo...
2 days ago
Dont know where you got that stat, he only made 8/13 tackles (squawka), his aerial duel was 60%. And his stats only began to improve after all the Liverpool pla...
Its that amazing feeling when I took them to the PL in FIFA14 and it might happen soon!
Or pass or cross, just to complete his list
Jones did more than Evans, they're in the same situation. Evans even had a half game prior to the Liverpool game.
3 days ago
Evans was poor, 73% passing at the back is not tolerable. 20% tackling is pathetic. I'd say he have enough chance, he's 26, he haven't improve a bit. Fellaini ...
If Eriksen is not a beast right now, he is on his way becoming a beast, he was still raw last season but now he's a team carrier... his killer pass, shooting an...
Does anyone know what is this app? Got this image from Dailymail 1st goal 3rd goal
Lol LVG said the cook told him everything about the rivalry before the game, funny he mentioned the cook again. Now go make some food that will prevent our pla...
Wow, Eriksen scored another winning goal for spurs. How manys times Eriksen saved spurs this season?
RVP acting all cocky saying he did take a touch, he should get an assist lol, he's in great mood as well as the entire team. The atmosphere and confidence is sk...
I wanted to post this earlier. That's a huge improvement and something we all wanted to see.
McNair or Blackett, that's the question.
Yes, among other deflective offside goals, the pace of the ball and the fainted touch made it really hard to judge. Its a WC Final sideline ref making the decis...
Every time, every single time, other clubs calling us lucky as if they never received luck before >:D
Good eyes, I couldn't believe it was offside until PLTV played the final angle that clearly showed RVP got a touch Ridiculous yellows, Coutinho must be their f...
8 months ago
Shiwa nominated W. Rooney (8') for Goal of the Week
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Shiwa nominated R. Ferdinand (87') for Goal of the Week
Shiwa nominated B. Watson (90') for Goal of the Week
Shiwa just became a Rival of PSG
Shiwa nominated R. van Persie (13') for Goal of the Week
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