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Lock Jones in the sleeping room and everyone should be safe from injury.
1 hour ago
If Bolasie have better finishing, Somere's prediction should come true :P
8 hours ago
Nothing comparable really
10 hours ago
Its Erikham Spurs
What a strike by Eriksen, are we still going for him?
Hull going self destruct mode Btw, the ref cant control the game, its like watching rugby
We should call him VVilson so he can start ahead of RVP, two Vs is better than one
1 day ago
The problem is not within RVP, the problem is RVP being on the pitch. He's not suited for this game anyway, I don't know why he started. Wilson should have star...
After Park Three Lung then Kagawa, Paddy McNair is our new lucky charm, we won all the games he started. Btw, Smalling gave us two brilliant performances in th...
LVG low fived all players but ADM
Damn Felli lol
Excellent DDG. But it also shows that Arsenal's poor finish, most shots were low somewhere in the middle. Thank god for that
Learned it no where else other than La Liga
One shot on target, two goals LMFAO
Propbably Herrera first, he can do some defending while Mata for the final 10 20 mins when Arsenal are tired out
Its like waiting for execution this match. LVG please tell me this is part of your plan, your philosophy
Arssenal have been very energetic at the start winning header against Felli, but they cant do it anymore towards the final 10mins, they are getting tired. But s...
OH WE ARE F**********KED jk, in LVG we believe @Cjaystacks, I've been thinking last week, will Fellaini be a burden because his speed cannot catch up to Arsen...
Reus used to be very fit, why did he get injured so frequently for the past years? Dortmund's key players are either injured or just recovered from long term ...
Probably McNair ahead of Blackett, the rest the same although I want to see Herrera but guess it won't happen. And then Mata won't start but will probably be an...
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