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11 hours ago
Not diverse enough, squad player for specialised tactics at best. There's a limited amount of midfield allowed on the pitch and his unbalanced game does puts us...
19 hours ago
My favourite upgrade this year is the pull shirt feature, easy way to slow down a fast player with chance of getting away without a foul. But a huge downgrade a...
1 day ago
Really want him to have a shot here...
I've been playing FIFA15 for quite sometime now, I keep hearing the song called The Nights and in the lyrics, there's a part that says 'one day my father told m...
Its always easier for young players to perform in his first year, everyone doesn't know his game, they take him lightly and there's no video to study even if th...
They are the football hollywood, not matter how harsh they treat you or it may ruin your life, many players still want to go there without second thought.
3 days ago
That hole is still missing... I don't want to create more arguments on Kagawa but what he was doing or trying to do ...
The last time i played pes was the time they were using fake club badges and fake player name, that was ages ago. Is it still the same?
Http:// He bullied us in a preseason game few seasons ago against Sevilla, i wanted him here, and I still want him here. He's got everythin...
We used to have so many masters, the master of set piece Beckham, master of dribbling Giggs, master of long ball Scholes, master of provocation Keane. After so ...
4 days ago
We should speak teletubbies
5 days ago
Looking at our performance and result against teams at each level, we are equally 'balanced' against our opponents getting ourselves a draw.
FA cup is always like this, anyone can be a david. Smaller teams fight for their lives while bigger team is having a stroll. Not just the smaller and bigger tea...
The only thing about Valencia is speed, we should have signed Usain Bolt and replace him for free, so we have all the pace we need.
6 days ago
On the bright side, we got more game time! I didn't watch the game, but seeing the line up, there's not a single evidence of balance, and definitely no one crea...
I'm working in Germany and didn't get to watch the game, how is it so far? Reading comments below, its the same old s**t is it?
Erm... even with 352 we are still twitching our as, there's no difference
Foster Valencia-back three-Young Bebe-Cleverley-Obertan Bellion-Manucho Subs: DjembaDjemba
Compare the list of youth product between Real, United, Ajax, the choice is pretty obivous for youth development. With so much money at this age, so many things...
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