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@Tuzaspe It's a collapse bound to come though.
12 hours ago
Keymaker was here
1 day ago
Lol the farce towards the end of the game is unnecessary. Glad both parties settled everything so quickly. Only media trying to blow it up again.
2 days ago
Park: A squad player who caused trouble to opposition Sanchez: A squad player who caused trouble to ourselves
Park when he was a player or Park as United Ambassador?
Sounds good, I'll stick to second half to save time lol
So... should I watch replay of the game?
3 days ago
Yea, this is their year
We keep getting horrible time slots this season smh
How things have changed. I used to decline any dinner for a United game like my life depends on it, now I accepted a casual dinner invitation without second tho...
^ Manutd's official partner Uber or DHL will send him away depending how you want to treat him xD
1 week ago
Some of our players are a complete different animal for international team 🤔
I always talk nice stuff to my foot everyday, hoping they will stay this way
The world has been building on money, just that the people in the past has better taste and more time to think through things. A bit off topic. Mode of commun...
The other day, saw a game with the ad boards saying "additional time brought to you by..." That felt so American since they do that often in NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB ...
Love Laurent Blanc's style too, he is an ex-manutd player too. He should know what this club should be like. Personally would love to see Laurent Blanc to sig...
Searching for his new dab
Only Dortmund and Bayern will have the depth and consistency to last the season in Bundesliga. Unless a fairy tale team arrives.
2 weeks ago
Yea, we are actually quite lucky our schedule wasn't brutal to us yet we screwed it up ourselves.
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