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What is he smoking?
1 hour ago
But you can say Messi have been carrying Barca as the main source of inspiration, but he failed to carry Argentina for all these years not just that game, he st...
3 hours ago
LMAO City better troll Liverpool, deadline day decided to retract the deal, leaving Liverpool in h...
Valencia was not bad, but its still frustrating to watch when he have the ball. He lacks the decision making and creativity when going forward comparing to Clyn...
Injury, the best way to keep the player at the club lol. Make sure DDG is injured!!
16 hours ago
Just like Messi is scoring way less with Argentina because he is surrounded by better players in Barca. Even for Messi, there are difficult moments but that doe...
17 hours ago
It'll be really cool to have Varela/Rafael and Smalling on the right who all love dribbling forward taking on players. Meanwhile I hope we sign a beast CB like ...
Evans should join him at Everton. Apparently theres news saying Cleveley declined Arsenal offer to go to Everton #respect Btw, regarding the homegrown player p...
Jordy Classy as backup CM is not bad
1 day ago
The signing of Depay and those we signed last summer happened pretty quickly. This sudden drop of pace is really frustrating. Is Woody on holiday or what. (ಥ...
On a plane... as always
Yea, I hope they all stay
2 days ago
We got plenty of money to spare, just pay the price before anyone steps in, 25mil is fair
Bournemouth have been amazing, team orientated fast paced attacking football, plenty of one-on-one and long shots. Their football is very intensive, and is furt...
But his name is still in the list of players who are contracted with us
Give the board members and Schneiderlin's agent bonus if the transfer is successful, leave Koeman out, f**k Koeman
3 days ago
75mil for 3 players of this class is really a good deal. A RB and a Herrera backup and we'll have experience, class and depth. Schrapay!
He injured his wrist signing the contract!
Yea, Rojo with probably compete with Ramos or Otamendi according to rumours, Herrera will compete with whoever b2b CM we sign this summer, ADM should compete wi...
Messi helped save the life of Argentine man kidnapped in Nigeria
4 days ago
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