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First of all, thank you Adidas! We spent less than double this season but we at least double in quality and triple in quantity in our signings Btw, who did we...
1 hour ago
Kagawa like Dortmund & Klopp but... HEART of Kagawa remain United! BLOOD of Kagawa remain United red! TWEET of Kagawa remain...UNITED!
2 hours ago
He better move out of this country lol, fans of every club in PL know how terrible he and Young was last two season.
9 hours ago
With strong fire power, will we see a 4-2-3-1/4-2-1-3/4-2-4 variation formation again? We had Ronaldo, Tevez and Rooney with Anderson/Giggs/Park as AM/wide AM a...
10 hours ago
It looks much better with the first 11 numbers filled up. Herrera's no.21, prepare for 21st title! Maybe no this year but very soon! Coincident or not, the num...
Balotelli and Welbeck, both the only PL medal holder in their club, both cost 16mil. lol the similarities
17 hours ago
He's a perfect no.9. Previously worn by Berba? 3 Shaw 5 Rojo 7 Di Maria 9 Falcao 15 Blind 21 Herrera
20 hours ago
Lol he's as funny as always Btw, found three similarities between Park and Kagawa. 1. They're both known as lucky charm, never lost whenever they play 2. On...
21 hours ago
Welbeck, one favour, together with Arsenal, destroy Liverpool and Man City
If we were to bench, Mata is likely to get benched, mainly because he doesn't complain while the other three will.
Missed Vidic's debut, apparently he got red card for applauding the ref's decision lol
Can't wait for the next game!
Sad for Welbeck, I followed him since his days at the academy. Used to be such a scorer, but it was unfortunate he could not find his scoring boot at all and we...
Is it wrong with me constantly reading titles as tities?
Vidal, Strootman, Reus, Hummels to that list Really felt like FIFA lol, easy to attack but very difficult to defend against this lineup
1 day ago
I got a feeling we're going to play strikerless formation, the one we did with Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez, this lineup look very similar
@Kreddevil(below) Its the Kagawa s**t over again, we signed a striker we don't need and then we throw Rooney to no.10 role and bench Mata... hope we won't repea...
1mil! 2mil! 5mil! 10mil! 20! 50! 50, going once, going twice, SOLD! Welbeck sold for 50mil! Up next is our best player, Lord Ashley Young, starting from 1 poun...
By the end of season Fletcher, Anderson and Cleverley's contracts finishes up too. We're just missing Young's departure to complete the picture.
Yaaaaaaay!! No Valencia, No Ashley Young!! Now we're looking like champions. If it was De Jong instead of Blind, we could be even stronger.
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