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Https:// Good to see Kagawa starting to bulk up, wider torso and little bit of abs comparing to this pic 2 seasons ago. htt...
4 hours ago
Its a really tragic story. At first living under Ronaldo's shadow, then he was assumed to be Ronaldo's successor, but at some point, he got injured and he just ...
21 hours ago
Simple, 1. We need a world class player 2. We need a pair of decent wings instead of just one 3. We need a player who can beat defenders instead of back and sid...
9 days to go, get your s**t together Woody Woodward, we're still watching this space!! Just to blow off some steam here...
22 hours ago
The AZ formation look really interesting and chaotic, but don't know how its works lol, gonna check it out now... Edit: Wow, didn't know that Dembele was LVG's...
1 day ago
Marco Reus will be next, follow by Marko Marin and Marco Materazzi back from retirement.
When it comes to money, don't worry, its Woodward we're talking here.
Makes me feel depressed when I watch the Spanish supercup, both Real and Atletico's midfield is so organised, they have so much pace, also they have beautiful f...
@Beatmaboxes At least we didn't hear "David Moyes is a great coach with lots of experience" last season, but indeed they're just pointing out the obvious.
2 days ago
Just found out that Wes Brown nominated Pique haha And that comment at Gerrard's video "He had to sit down so he wouldn't slip" LMAO
Only when I resize my browser window to a certain size, otherwise I'm seeing the PC layout
Shiwa updated their profile
Session 1: Diving exercise with Instructor Young Session 2: Carry Ando on your back around the campus Session 3: Clash head to head with Phil Jones Session 4: E...
Just realised we have to start playing Capital one cup from Round 2 instead of Round 3. Btw we're up against MK Dons. Let's not get defeated
Does Aston Villa have 50mil sell-on fee for Young or similar. Or else its hard to understand why we still have him here.
^We have been overpaying players since the millennium, here are some examples, disappointing, really... 2001, we signed Veron for 42.6mil Euro, arguably a flop...
3 days ago
Almost definitely
He's the type of player we need! Hard tackling player with good technical ability. So its 1 more CB, 1 CM, and 1 Winger to go.
Rojo: “It feels like a dream, to be a Manchester United player. Leaving Sporting wasn’t easy,” Kind of funny, because he made his exit harder himself by ...
Good job Veron. I guess he haven't forgotten us, after all those times SAF stood up against the world for him
In contrast to our starting lineup against Swansea LOL ------------Skinny------------ Glassy------Paper------Average ----Tiny-----------Skinny----- Skinny-----...
4 days ago
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Shiwa nominated W. Rooney (8') for Goal of the Week
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Shiwa nominated R. Ferdinand (87') for Goal of the Week
Shiwa nominated B. Watson (90') for Goal of the Week
Shiwa just became a Rival of PSG
Shiwa nominated R. van Persie (13') for Goal of the Week
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