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It sure is wild. They hold no responsibilities reporting rumours, as they are just rumours. I just want to believe two things. Scamchez leaving and De Ligt st...
10 hours ago
Reading various papers, we are basically linked to every Ajax player lol
13 hours ago
I believe a club could work with a DOF or not. Our problem is that fool woody is basically acting as our DOF right now even though he is only named vice-chair...
Lmao what is that texture/pattern. Like a pink crocodile. Adidas always go extra experimental with our away kits
1 day ago
Our 19/20 home kit looks good, especially our badge has an extra crest behind looks kinda cool as it pays homage to our 98/99 treble according to Adidas. Hope w...
2 days ago
Talking about physio controlling players weight, didn't Memphis gained too much muscle mass here that slowed him down? I remember at one point, his recorded BMI...
4 days ago
Is our chief scout even good at all? I don't know what experiences make a good scout but just by looking at his CV, he only had 2 years of experience as scout b...
Just keep watching those dreamy 2 months and forget the rest like it never happened 😂.
5 days ago
Buy RB, CB, CM x2, RW Just when we need more CM like Herrera, we let him go. That makes the summer even harder. What is our Douche Of Fatfuck doing?
At that time, we still have an eye to sign veterans who still has one or two more years in them. Now we blindly overpay veterans who is already past it.
It needs midfield, defense to complete the lot.
6 days ago
Let's go full Ajax do it all with youths. Sell all big names, lazy prime and declining veterans. Start all over. Can't be worse than this.
It is exactly because other big names have failed to rebuild here, it is good to try something new and hire Ole to give him a wild shot at it.
Yup, disappointed
Unlucky Greenwood, another chance GOMES in!
We need true wingers, our wingers love to stay inside waiting for the final ball
Dalot is sooooo slow for a fullback
Just send off Pogba ref
Would be worth watching if Gomes comes in 😭
Put Pogba at goal
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