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Exactly, we need a brick CDM. Should have brought in Nigel De Jong. No one bullies the bully.
4 hours ago
We still need a destroyer or a bully CDM. Our back 4 have been poor, but I think Blind and Herrera did not offer enough support. I'm still angry about the ref....
5 hours ago
Newcastle and Burnley still have hope for CL
7 hours ago
We need time to gel the team together. Like lvg said, 6 players in, 4 players? out, its a brand new team. Losing 2 is better than i expected.
14 hours ago
It happens quite often in bundesliga, 2 seasons ago there were Hoffenheim, last season was Mainz. They wont last long but they can stay top half.
23 hours ago
Thats the Liverpool we know
1 day ago
Bayern so poor without Robbery. Btw, its Mainz shinji vs Dortmund shinji tonight :p
Did not impress anyone during his previous loans. He was once a goal machine in 2012. Maybe that is the reason we signed him. However, everything stopped after ...
3 days ago
Why are we getting Sunday games? We're not even in Europa, QPR and Leicester aren't in Europa neither.
He's calmer and stronger than I expected, can't wait to see how much he'll improve. He's a starter so far so he won't bee low in FIFA I guess.
The young Ronaldo was greedy, flashy, arrogant, very frustrating at times but he do deliver result most of the time. Adnan just need to deliver, I agree he beca...
The chips incident by Rio "We loved our chips, but Moyes comes in and, after his first week, he says we can't have chips any more," "It's not something to go ...
4 days ago
Aug 2009, used to come here for Highlights when I was abroad
Most players did not say anything last season due to respect to their manager, but this season, players started to let everything out, Rio first and now Kagawa....
Van Haal or Hose Mourinho is not that hard either, but after years, its still the same.
Oh yea, forgot him... just realised we have so many past players playing in the CL now. Vidic won't be playing though. Edit: Sorry, my mistake.. Evra did, just...
5 days ago
Evra played for Juventus, Kagawa did not play for Dortmund, Bebe did not play for Benfica, Welbeck did play for Arsenal but lost. lol, I saw the lineup and won...
Alan Smith, who used to be an aggressive hard tackler for us, ended with his injury. He left to Newcastle and ended up at MK Dons last season. Rodrigo Possebon...
6 days ago
A bit more depth to fullback and CM will be the best. Think we're going to fill those gaps this winter window.
1 week ago
No one wants to play for United huh? Falcao will be the best way to silence the ABU. A star player on loan can't wait to make it permanent.
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