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Good to know that Fenerbahce still have something to fight for and won't do a Leicester.
1 hour ago
Well, he'll be sacked if he can't get CL for us. The club have to be impartial, or else it won't be fair for Mr. Moyes, the chosen one by SAF. Domestic Cup is n...
17 hours ago
Yea, it explain that. Saw the same stamina issue with Liverpool against Bournemouth.
Haha yea. Seeing Barca having Enrique and Real having Zidane make me feel that its not that far. But its actually very far from reality at the moment. Blanc wil...
Lol that Keane video above, so savage to an idiotic question. Sometimes I wonder if he'll become our manager someday. A mad man, but mad in a right way. I still...
1 day ago
Points lost due to goals conceded after 80 mins: #1. Manchester United - 7 Pts Is it stamina? Or just weak mentality? The problems at the club just keep incre...
Fellaini tried to stand behind his manager. Just to stab him at the back. IQ is sometimes way more important than physical in defense, especially in crucial mo...
I'd rather play Fosu-Mensah or Sean Goss than that tree. If we are going suffer like this, I'd rather play youth and suffer like last season, because its making...
3 days ago
Memphis to save us
Burn that tree, sack the s**t one. Never been so upset since the chosen one rolled over to City
LVG probably had the least trouble with Felli among the 3 managers for whatever reason. He even scored some important goals at some point. LVG towards the end f...
I was fine with LVG's play boring and win. So I think I am fine with play ugly and win. As long as we win, anything will do.
I wanted Loew or Conte before him came in. But ok, now he's in, I shouvd support him. But moments like this is unbearable. Absolutely unacceptable. He is not an...
It was a good game until that amatuer came in damn it. Now that Zlatan's goal became a bad memory.
Zlatan will kill the tree in the dressing room
The tree is a virus to our system
Lol after all the injuries only 5 min. If we were in the lead, it would be 10 min
F**k that tree, cant f**k him enough
Burn that tree and throw the ashes into a volcano
F*****g hell, burn that tree ffs, burn that f*****g tree
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