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Perhaps you should read this before you post again: Respect our community and we'll respect you right back Everybody here loves footy just as much as you do ...
6 years ago
Didnt deserve??? did you deserve it in 2009??? and why didnt deserve, they didnt do anything wrong or cheated, they were only 10men on the field you had a pen...
Damn i cant belive this??? in facebook and every other site all barca fans are getting "CHELSEA FANS"??!!! the bandwagon moved on damnit i hate them they are t...
Well messi and thats it?? but mentioning messi is stupid cuz every1 knows that AND YES BARCA SUCKS AT FINISHING IF YOU DONT THINK THAT THEN YOU MUST BE BLIND ...
Shut up barca!! claiming it was tellos or guardiolas fault??? nope it wasnt even if you started with sanchez and fabregas you still would have lost. wanna kno...
Damn, city will slaughter united better play defensive manu and dont let them score or else the title is going to man city and its gonna be a shame that they "b...
Well i think it was a mistake lettin him play he should have putt cesc and sanchez in from the beginning and tello is nowhere near walcott id prefer walcott o...
@barca fans: stop bitchin about david villa not being there ect. until now you never mentioned it and now you think if he was there it would have made a diffe...
Drogbas too i mean it was f****n funny and had class when he scored against barca barca is really good for giving others new celebr.
@kings you foolish idiot arsenal is a passing team but not only passing they search the goals and also have an excellent finisher (RVP) barca doesnt have even...
Lol damnit you pp still dont get it ball possesion doesnt mean a thing only goals can make you win and not some stupid passing
Idk why every1 keeps sayin that sanchez and fabregas were bad they both played well except for their finishing but you all know why barca always outplays the...
An idiot??? youre just a fool believing that the 3rd-20th from spain have a chance to do something in the CL they wont even make the group stage TO WEAK, you ...
Best team??? spain teams suck a lot and arsenal did a lot on you last year so you had to get a ref as always
You know why barca lost? cuz they played against an english team it sure is different if you play in la liga and only have to fear real and no1 else cuz the r...
And youd better suck some dicks seems like you didnt do it since yesterday
Man a barca fan talkin about disallowed goals lol
Lol they f****n didnt have a good striker thats all this shows that the only way they can score is if the other team cant defend a strong defense shows if you...
Yep this and the next week are WHOOPING everything first bayern vs real then chelsea vs barca then arsenal vs chelsea and barca vs real next week barca vs ch...
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