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No, I don;t agree Smtbgame. The correct equation is actually Talent+Skills = CLASS He's got talent and skills, both in huge quantity. He was great at At.Madird...
7 years ago
We lost because Man Utd played great football, we on the other hand committed school boy mistakes and got punished. @Della Changing managers doesn't guarantee y...
He's just bitter because 'the special one' wouldn't even consider coaching
@Robbomorgs what do mean? You sound stupid...if it is what i think it is , use your punctuations properly.
@TheN4Sr i completely agree with you that Madrid has to be more disciplined in the middle and at defense, but what is pretty obvious here is that most of the co...
@Ninsane he will, don't worry. SAF trusts him and Park's got a knack for coming up with brilliant performances when it matters the most at the big stage....
Man Utd were simply brilliant, it wasn't our day today. We made mistakes,basic ones and were punished. The defense was bad. Congrats Utd on the win now....Now p...
People you've got to remember that that he's a sportsmen.Every sportsmen undergoes a dip in form (name me one who hasn't), its natural, however always remember ...
@CarlosAlberto are you serious....if anyone can take Madrid back to their winning ways its Mourinho...look at what he achieved at Madrid in his very first year ...
Most of the comments here are so biased....when Barca score a ton of goals it's due to their brilliance while Madrid scoring a bunch is due to bad defending.......
What anti-football are you talking about? You mean playing with 2/3 DM...whats anti football abt it? It's just a tactic, strategy...nothing anti abt it.
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