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Shawkernator thought the Arsenal v Monaco match was average
3 years ago
Shawkernator thought the Barcelona v UD Levante Valencia match was awesome
4 years ago
Shawkernator nominated L. Podolski (57') for Goal of the Week
Lol ^ one to talk
What gets me is Liverpool second
Lol these Man U fans.
Lol ^ you serious? Dubious? watch man u games
Lol norwich didn't even look like they were trying
USA and Canada have the attitude that you need to be tall/big to play this game, backwards s**t.
Somewhere on FootyTube
There is no other play I'd less like to have on the Arsenal squad. No thank you to Ronaldo.
The reason you're doing so badly is because you blame it on luck instead of fixing what's wrong with the team Ferguson.
Arsenal did.
No, keep Walcott on the bench. He's useless if he isn't a sub most of the time.
5 years ago
I have no idea why we don't play Rosicky more. Sure he had some misunderstandings with the other players in terms of placing passes, but that communication will...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Is it fair to jeopardize others? does that not bother you?
I'm pretty sure Celtic beat Barcelona... so I don't think you can base your analysis of one game.
For the first time I wasn't screaming at the TV for him to pull himself together.
I don't know what this video has to do with the title really. Why mention Cavani??
What's with the ratings against Arsenal? Ramsey needs to just go. He does this every game, just loses the ball and doesn't shoot.
I don't hate him, but I can see why. European Rivals are much different than domestic. The same league, rival team...
Walcott is just so inconsistent, the more we bench him the better he plays because he puts everything back in it to get the starting spot. He takes his position...
David Luis might has well have been in the stands.
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