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Damn u'r right dude ! He has a complex...and Lukaku... after he missed THE penalty, Mou sent him off to Everton, I hope Luka is gonna show him his potential, he...
4 years ago
Messi - Villa ---> the BOMB
5 years ago
@Northgreen. Did Berlusconi send you to say this !!??? Just in case....Un Cabrooooooon eres y seras ! If only he could fire that ball in your face ! Vafa ;)
Yeah money isn't an issue when Spain is facing a very bad economic crisis !!! Do you relly think that those teams make profit by selling shirt ( Modric's shirt ...
Hazard is a great player, no doubt, but he's still young and seriously the EPL is one of the best way to learn. Barcelona wanted to buy him but the club chose A...
Exactly that's why they could'nt get Torres and they won't get Falcao neither ;) and btw Perez bought Ronaldo in 2009 for 94 millions euros (2 years before Ague...
Hazard had the opportunity to come to Barça and he prefered Chelsea, he's a good player but better than Neymar ???? Villa is still a King he scored more than S...
Yeah u'r almost right...the only one respectable relashionship they had was MONEY ! He was too expensive for Madrid ( Cerazo asked too much money )and City was ...
I like ur comment big boy... The only reason he's in City is for money and that's it... "This was due to the good relationship between the presidents'of both Ma...
Pedmar...this guy is a joke hahaha like his name !don't answer him
@White : "whereas Aguero only wants Real Madrid if he moves"... after having played 5 years for Atletico del Madrid...I don't think so mate ;)
26 copa del rey, one more or one less whatever... Tito won't be back soon so let's do this for him and for the "barcelonismo" ! Against Milan 2 things : concent...
Yeah u guys are totally right, but Roura doesn't make any decisions. Tito(even if he's miles away) makes all the decisions during the game (whassap, bbm, viber)...
Does anyone know when Tito is coming back ??? His absence begins to feel...
Did anyone noticed the haircut of Milan's players ??? That was their only one weakness tonight I guess...
Right, they ended up with a draw !
Deceiving performance tonight, it's the FIRST time Milan wins at home this season in Champions (even Anderlecht scored in Milan). So they have no excuses....Wel...
Hahaha david hassellhof likes yaya touré, just incredible !
Thiagooooo !!! can't wait to see u on the field with the spanish selection.
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The love of Barcelona should'nt make you blind Jeroen. You must be objective even if it's hard to say. Now, how many times did Vasquez warm the bench last seas...
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