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Any team that draws or beats United automatically gets down voted by all the United fans on this site. You should know that by now! =P
Somewhere on FootyTube
I personally want to keep Downing, can't do much with 5 million in today's xfer market and Downing really showed through in the latter parts of last season. I'...
1 word based off your avatar and that is, Troll. And a poor one at that.
Stevie G showing the young cats he's still got it!
It's def debatable, if you take out Neymar's acting classes.
Ok so I'll start it off. Brazil played amazingly well, their passing was superb. Spain's defense was horrid and made Brazil's passing look even more spectacul...
This commentator had a lot of orgasms during his narration of the match.
What a game, couldn't turn away from it.
Maybe he will get lucky and adopt his skills and not theatrics lol.
Great fighting spirit West Brom!
5 years ago
I'm so desperately looking forward to next season, we're coming for the title with vengeance.
Monster of a goalkeeper.
Agreed, he's like a younger faster version of Gerrard. Except Gerrard still has a cannon for a right leg, but Coutinho surprised me with that screamer that cam...
Only watched this highlight vid so I could see how many United gloryhunting/fanboys were gonna be blabbing their mouths about City's performance. Every team is...
Somewhere on FootyTube
I agree, I think he's learning. Perhaps Rodgers had a strict talk with him about it because he was a lot more calm in that game after being taken down. Usuall...
Simple fact, refs are afraid to get on fergie's bad side. Shelvey is a harsh tackler, most of his challenges are very vicious but I don't think he deserved a s...
I like to watch Brazil and all but come on Brazil, this was just cruel. No need to pound an opponent so badly like this. 3-0 would have been fine then just pl...
Clear cut? Agger grazed his back with fingertips and he went down. And it was the same guy diving for the second penalty.
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