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In regards to Barca and offsides calls I really don't think the problem is subpar linesmen. I think it just has to do with Barca's playing style. Their quick, s...
5 years ago
Says RM is your team, yet you used the word "we" when describing Chelsea. To say the least, I am confused.
I truly have nothing but respect for Messi and Barca, but I sometimes wonder what Barca would be like without Messi. Then again what would RM be without Ronald...
Servimus gave the Brentford v Chelsea video a rating of 5
I'm not Italian and I don't support any Italian team- no bias here. I'd say there were two penalties there inside the box. First one on Vucinic- handball in th...
Servimus gave the Juventus v Genoa video a rating of 5
Arsenal has looked pretty good going forward. Their back line has been pretty terrible these past few matches though. Think that if Arsenal invested in some def...
At first glance I thought Hazard kicked the kid to get him off the ball- if that were the case I would completely agree with his red card. That isn't the case...
Servimus gave the Arsenal v West Ham United video a rating of 5
Servimus gave the Real Madrid II v Villarreal video a rating of 5
What game were you watching? RS goal 1: Played from the back line, attacking down the right- not a counter. RS goal 2: From possession borne from a corner. No...
Two goals from errors. Alexis missing multiple sitters. Botched marking from Adriano on Camacho's goal. Both teams just giving each other goals. Except for Puyo...
Had to say that looked a bit of a foul by Cambiasso.
Benzema's finishing isn't great? Yeah...ok...
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